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The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg got torched when she said that the Holocaust wasn’t about race. She tried to water it down, saying it was more about our inhumanity toward each other. That’s historically illiterate drivel. Of course, it was about race. That was the ethos and the overall agenda of Nazi Germany. The creation of a dominating empire led by the white Aryan race. Wiping the Jewish people from the European continent was the first step. Killing all the Slavs was another action item as everything west of the Ural Mountains was to be deemed lebensraum (“living space”) for the new Aryan race. The absorption of Austria was critical for the greater union of German peoples or “Anschluss.” The Holocaust has become a subject bastardized by political correctness and ignorance. The emerging anti-Semitism among American liberals compounds the issue as they dominate institutions of learning. 


Here’s a recap of the meltdown on The View that led to Goldberg’s apology yesterday.

The View’s segment that led to this fiasco began due to a Tennessee School Board’s banning of ‘Maus’ over bad language. It’s a graphic novel about the Holocaust (via NYT):

A school board in Tennessee voted unanimously this month to ban “Maus,” a Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel about the Holocaust, from being taught in its classrooms because the book contains material that board members said was inappropriate for students.

According to minutes of its meeting, the 10-person board, in McMinn County, Tenn., voted on Jan. 10 to remove the book from the eighth-grade curriculum. Members of the board said the book, which portrays Jews as mice and Nazis as cats in recounting the author’s parents’ experience during the Holocaust, contained inappropriate curse words and a depiction of a naked character.

“There is some rough, objectionable language in this book,” said Lee Parkison, the director of schools for McMinn County, in eastern Tennessee, according to minutes of the meeting.

Art Spiegelman, the author of “Maus,” said he was baffled by the decision. “This is disturbing imagery,” he said in an interview on Thursday, which is Holocaust Remembrance Day. “But you know what? It’s disturbing history.”

After reading the minutes of the meeting, Mr. Spiegelman said he got the impression that the board members were asking, “Why can’t they teach a nicer Holocaust


Okay, well, that last line is a debate in itself. It’s eye-roll-worthy. There’s no such thing as teaching a “nicer Holocaust.” There never will be. Yet, before we get into that, look at what’s on the first page of this work. Oh, Whoopi, you went right into the meatgrinder over something so avoidable. It’s brutal, really.  


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