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Insane: CNN Guest Says the Unvaccinated Are Just Like the Aztecs and Their Human Sacrifices

AP Photo/Ron Harris

They are their own worst enemies. They want to boost COVID vaccinations rates but will insult the very people they’re targeting. That’s liberal America. They’ve lost the ability to connect with normal people. Every time they do speak, it’s to make themselves look and feel better about their worthless degrees. Having a college education doesn’t make you a better person—how these people have behaved for the past four years is proof of that. They’re whiny, entitled little snobs. That’s all liberals are—just abjectly insufferable and annoying people. Everything they don’t like is racism or white supremacy. Every person with whom they disagree with is Adolf Hitler. They say they want more people to get the shot, but also call them stupid, uneducated Neanderthals who then pleasure themselves when they hear stories about the unvaccinated dying. So, do you want COVID vaccine rates to increase, or do you just want more people who you hate to die? It’s the latter obviously, but since they’re playing this vaccine game, let’s check in with CNN, where one guest said that the unvaccinated were like Aztecs committing human sacrifices. Yeah, we’re going way back, far beyond World War II to find historical comparisons that are beyond ludicrous to the present situation (via Newsbusters):


Just when you think CNN can't go any lower they manage to prove us wrong. On Sunday afternoon's CNN Newsroom with Jim Acosta, the leftist anchor brought on Atlantic writer Kurt Anderson to claim that those who are skeptical of the COVID vaccines are akin to the Aztecs committing "mass human sacrifices."

Acosta commenced the deranged segment by asking Anderson about his article in the Atlantic which he argues "the anti-vaccine right has brought human sacrifice to America."

Anderson attempted to back up his delusional and frankly downright reckless allegations by claiming to have read "anthropological historical research". Based on that research he believes "it's not just people forced to be sacrificed in, Aztec, Mexico, or Incan, South America. There were volunteers and people were treated well and encouraged to go ahead and embrace death." Anderson then said that we are living through another mass human sacrifice "all of the features I realized made it a real thing like it has been for hundreds and thousands of years. And I really at this point have no doubt that historians in the future will see it that way."

At the end of the segment, Anderson did his best to get one more outlandish comment in and give a new take on the left's anti Second Amendment rhetoric by ranting that "Republicans have for forty years now been doing a different kind of what is effectively mass human sacrifice, in terms of gun deaths. And eliminating all gun regulation."  


‘Everyone needs to get the shot, but if you don’t—you’re a savage who sacrifices other humans’ or something. Liberals suck at selling their ideas. This is a prime example. Also, a bit offensive to label a nonwhite civilization as savages for conducting human sacrifices. The Romans reportedly engaged in some sacrificing after their catastrophic defeat at the Battle of Cannae during the Second Punic War. I think this is neocolonial bias or something. 

In all seriousness, what did this guy drink before this hit? 

Nazis are out—but the Aztecs are in; strike me down, Lord. And CNN wants to be the Mr. Facts and anti-misinformation channel. They can’t even get basic history right. 

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