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AP Photo/Fernando Antonio

I didn't attend this rally because I try to avoid Washington, DC, the same way Native Americans should have avoided contracting smallpox, but there was an anti-vaccine mandate rally that set off one woman. 


She rolled up in a van with children's handprints all over it. Was this a pre-school vehicle? Was it her own? Who knows? All I know is that the new version of Ms. Frizzle is cracked out—and the school bus has been severely downgraded. 

Free speech can be a triggering event to liberals—and this woman couldn't stand that there were those opposed to the vaccine mandate. This is what happens when you watch too much CNN and MSNBC. It's akin to the anti-drug commercial featuring Rachel Leigh Cook, where she smashes an egg with a frying pan. She apparently thought everyone there was a Trump supporter and there to support their "loser" president. 

Not the case. Also, she obviously didn't check the recent polling showing that Biden is viewed as an incompetent dolt and ineffective leader. His approval ratings are sinking faster than the Titanic. Biden's the loser, and being anti-vaccine mandate doesn't mean you're anti-vaccine, but nuance is dead on the left. The memes that have been generated from this outburst have been gold. And this woman didn't stop after this clip was recorded. She apparently continued for quite a bit. Opposing the vaccine mandate is white supremacy. The people attending were trying to build a white nation or something. It's beyond parody. She's a cartoon. 


"That's classic stuff, dude," said one guy, as she spewed insanity into the air. 

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