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AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

I wish we could move on from January 6. But we can't. Liberal America won't allow us. They think a coup attempt occurred, and an armed insurrection happened. Nope. No one cares. No one. The only people who do are the elites and the media, two groups that are viewed with nausea by everyone else. 


That's the clue, fellas. We've all moved on with our lives and care about actual, real things in life. The fact that normal Americans simply don't care drives liberals crazy. It means we must be wrong or ignorant of what really happened, so they lecture. They condescend. And they rehash the same fake news narratives about this day. Better yet, since Democrats have no legislative achievements and can't run on anything, they're gutted at the polls for the 2022 midterms. They have to make January 6 a campaign strategy. Instead of a red wave, let's make it a tsunami. 

Even liberal reporter Michael Tracey has laughed at all the hyperbole his colleagues have attached to this event. It was a riot. It shouldn't have happened, but it wasn't 9/11, nor was it Pearl Harbor. Tracey is so exhausted that he simply rehashed an old post about the hysterics over January 6 with a new note to liberal America: "shut the hell up" about it: 

Is it unusual for a mob to breach the Capitol Building — ransacking offices, taking goofy selfies, and disrupting the proceedings of Congress for a few hours? Yes, that’s unusual. But the idea that this was a real attempt at a “coup” — meaning an attempt to seize by force the reins of the most powerful state in world history — is so preposterous that you really have to be a special kind of deluded in order to believe it. Or if not deluded, you have to believe that using such terminology serves some other political purpose. Such as, perhaps, imposing even more stringent censorship on social media, where the “coup” is reported to have been organized. Or inflicting punishment on the man who is accused of “inciting” the coup, which you’ve spent four years desperately craving to do anyway. He’s already been effectively banned from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — a rubicon-crossing event in the suppression of political speech which, of course, is being cheered by all the usual suspects who otherwise claim to be stalwart defenders of enlightened liberal values.

At no point … was the American government at risk of being “overthrown,” as members of Congress have laughably suggested. Per usual, our guardians of consensus can’t bring themselves to describe what unfolded with any degree of dispassion or calm. Instead we’re told by the incoming Senate Majority Leader, for example, that January 6, 2021 will now “live in infamy” right alongside December 7, 1941. Elected officials issued emotional notices that they were “okay,” like they had just narrowly avoided being crushed in an earthquake, or escaped the World Trade Center on 9/11. This is made all the more odd because the only person upon whom lethal force was committed appears to have been a Trump-supporting woman who was shot point-blank in the throat by a Capitol police officer. She’s now dead. Congress was temporarily inconvenienced.

Journalists and pundits, glorying in their natural state — which is to peddle as much free-flowing hysteria as possible — eagerly invoke all the same rhetoric that they’d abhor in other circumstances on civil libertarian grounds. “Domestic terrorism,” “insurrection,” and other such terms now being promoted by the corporate media will nicely advance the upcoming project of “making sure something like this never happens again.” Use your imagination as to what kind of remedial measures that will entail.

Trump’s promotion of election fraud fantasies has been a disaster not just for him, but for his “movement” — such as it exists — and it’s obvious that a large segment of the population actively wants to be deceived about such matters. But the notion that Trump has “incited” a violent insurrection is laughable. His speech Monday afternoon that preceded the march to the Capitol was another standard-fare Trump grievance fest, except without the humor that used to make them kind of entertaining. Trump didn’t command that his followers physically breach the Capitol Building. In fact, after previously saying he would join the march, he seems to just have gone home to tweet and watch TV. So, basically his normal routine on a typical day, minus a trip to the golf course.


Still, there are many people in positions of power who would like you to believe that a real-life “insurrection” is genuinely underway, and to develop a kind of exaggerated mythical understanding of what occurred at the Capitol. Because it will enable them to seize additional powers — not through a “coup,” but through the vast inflation of an alleged threat, which is always how they do it.


Yes, enter Nancy Pelosi who thinks that GOP-led efforts at election integrity is a legislative continuation of January 6. I'm not kidding, she said that over the weekend. 

Democrats are using January 6 as a 2022 midterm campaign strategy and one to put pressure on Senate Republicans to tweak the filibuster rules so Democrats can pass their "only Democrats can win" election bill. The end game is to get Build Back Better after this procedural tool is erased. Well, it's not the GOP that Democrats have to worry about—it's Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin who have already thrown cold water on this, plus a couple more Democrats. All the drama is on their side. 

In the meantime, no one cares about January 6. Most Americans don't have the luxury to sit through endless whine sessions from a fragile, sheltered, and entitled elite who are engulfed with dread over problems that aren't real. January 6 is a top item on that list. 


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