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You've got to be kidding me. I mean, the subject matter is important. You can teach the lesson without having reenactments. Some third-grade librarian in the DC area decided it was totally fine to reenact scenes from the Holocaust, including casting a student to play the role of Adolf Hitler. This period in history is already touchy, and unless you're making a Hollywood film about this horrible event, reenactments are widely inappropriate, especially if it's kids. Was this person drunk? (via Fox5DC): 


Officials with D.C. Public Schools are investigating after third graders reported they had to reenact the Holocaust during a library lesson Friday.

In a letter sent to parents at Watkins Elementary School in Southeast, the principal says according reports he received, the re-enactment included "students being asked to portray participants from the Holocaust like Adolf Hitler, digging ditches to serve as mass graves, and simulated shootings. It was also alleged that the staff member leading the lesson also made anti-Semitic statements."

FOX 5 spoke to the mother of a student in the class, who requested anonymity to protect her child. 

"My husband picked up our child after school and there was a lot of sobbing and crying and distress," the mother said.


The mother said the librarian who gave the lesson instructed the students not to tell their parents. She said the kids told their homeroom teacher who reported the incident and helped them through the rest of the school day.

I mean, it almost reads like a hoax. It's just totally so far out there regarding the realm of what's tasteful and appropriate—you must wonder if this is even real. 


Alas, we've seen worse from schools nowadays. From California teachers reportedly coaching a 12-year-old to be trans and not tell the parents to…Holocaust reenactments for youngsters. Education in the woke era has gone off the rails. In Northern Virginia, we have a school district that allowed a student who had sexually assaulted students to remain in the system without being criminally charged. This became a 2021 gubernatorial issue. Also, parents are seeing the cancer that comes from the Critical Race Theory crowd. This is one of many messes we've seen regarding our education system. It's not going to be the last either. 

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