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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Omicron is here. It’s spreading—and it’s very mild. Hospitalizations have not increased. Virtually no one has died from this new variant, but it does appear to be more contagious. The vaccines prevent serious illness and death, but it’s looking like those who are getting infected had been vaccinated. Just like how store-bought masks don’t curb the spread, the initial line from Biden, Democrats, and the medical experts were that if you got the shot, you could take the mask off. That promise appears to have been torched. 


This variant is hitting at a time when COVID boosters are the latest push from Biden, Fauci, and company. This was bound to happen. They’re even considering changing the definition of fully vaccinated, another silly term, to increase booster shots. It’s beyond transparent what’s going on here. I got COVID, recovered, got vaccinated, and was also boosted. It was my choice. Mandating something when the government refuses to answer people’s questions about side effects doesn’t help. Pushing for everyone to get the shot while also making arguments that make it seem like it doesn’t work also doesn’t help. No other group has done more to hurt the credibility of the COVID vaccine than Fauci and the CDC. It also doesn’t help that the data on the vaccine won’t be released for nearly a century. We’re supposed to trust the science, right? Then, why did Biden shut out experts when debating COVID boosters for young adults and older teenagers? Two ex-FDA officials allege that Joe Biden totally sidelined these independent panels when it came to this question (via The Hill):


Two former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials criticized the Biden administration's decision to not convene outside expert panels before authorizing COVID-19 booster shots for adults and older teens 

In a piece published in The Washington Post, Philip Krause, former FDA deputy director for vaccines research and review, and Luciana Borio, former chief scientist at the agency, wrote that authorizing vaccines without consulting with independent expert panels harmed the credibility of federal health agencies.

In the past month, the FDA has authorized booster shots for anyone over 16 years old. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also revised its guidance to recommend booster shots for everyone over 18.

An FDA panel had previously raised concerns about the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis — inflammation of the heart muscle and surrounding tissue — associated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

I knew the risks and got the shots anyway. Tens of millions made the same choice. The keyword is choice. The underreported story is that the 70 percent benchmark which was pimped out by the Biden crew over the spring and summer has been reached. We hit that number, but we all knew as soon as we approached it—the goalposts would be moved. Look, if my tongue falls off after ten years, I won’t cry. I made my decision, but the vicious take some gave towards those who have made their decision not to get the vaccine is appalling. Some folks can’t take it, like those afflicted with Epstein-Barr. Some still have questions about the side effects. Instead of answers, they’ve been branded anti-vaxxers and given a $100 bribe to get the shot. That’s not going to work. In fact, now that those who have been vaccinated are testing positive—that narrative has been reduced to ash. 


It’s time to recognize that we’re just going to have to live with COVID. We’re going to have to live with risk. As with anything, be as responsible as possible, but this bubble boy mentality some want us to take is not going to work. If you want the shot, they’re readily available, but if not—that’s fine too. Not every American gets a flu shot—and that’s a virus that infects tens of millions yearly. It’s just the reality. Yet, it’s these sorts of stories that also undercut Biden’s ‘COVID is not political’ war cry. This is a very political move, sir. But you’ve probably already forgotten because your brain is oatmeal at this point.  

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