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A COVID Surge Happening, But There's a Simple Reason Why the Media Won't Report on It

AP Photo/LM Otero

Omicron is spreading. There’s a COVID outbreak in the NFL. It’s COVID vaccine booster mania. The passport systems are going live. And the unvaccinated are continuing to be demonized for no good reason. The experts have done nothing to quell the skepticism they created over the vaccine. To help this discussion, these very people are now debating whether they’re going to change the definition of fully vaccinated. You simply cannot make this up. This is the classic anecdote regarding the dynamics of a government operation—which usually ends in abject failure. 


We’re all tired of this crap, but there is a COVID surge happening. It’s real. It’s a fact, but you’ll never know about it. You can’t know about it. I mean, the map is self-explanatory as to why the liberal media won’t even touch it. If they do, expect mere seconds spent on it before commercial breaks. I’m sure Newsbusters will tally the seconds of coverage…if any:

It’s the liberal northeast that’s being eaten alive by COVID, huh? Yeah, no shot this gets the amount of coverage as Florida or the South. The COVID spikes are not happening in areas where the country bumpkins live. It’s not a story. In the areas that are mask-obsessed, COVID-obsessed, and jab-obsessed—COVID is engulfing them like the Great Flood. Now, this is the natural progression of things. Cold and flu-like viruses thrive this time of the season. COVID went haywire last year around this time as well. It happens. It’s just the liberal media who weaponizes very simple things to denigrate and mock those whom they find morally and intellectually inferior. 


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