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AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps

I'm chuckling over here. It's a mix of genuine laughter and anger. I'm rolling my eyes. I'm amazed that we share a country with these scumbags. Liberal America is never happy. They're addicted to misery. You all know this. The latest outrage tantrum they're having is over family Christmas photos. Reps. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) took photos with their families holding firearms. Massie asked Santa Claus for ammunition. It triggered the left like no other because there was a shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan. Yes, let's take a moment to roll our eyes at the people who are outraged over this but couldn't care less about the Christmas parade rampage in Waukesha, Wisconsin. 

Do you hate the Rust Belt or not, liberals? It's not something to dwell on because there are bigger things going on, but it's just transparent as hell that liberals are all incensed over a school shooting but were all up in the schadenfreude when Darrell Brooks drove through a Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring over 40 other participants at the event. This was "karma" for the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. It was the Rust Belt's punishment for letting Mr. Rittenhouse go after he lawfully defended himself against two men who were trying to kill him during the 2020 riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

It can't possibly be that liberal America is just obsessed with the Oxford shooting because the shooter is white and that this incident can be weaponized to push gun control. That can't be it, right? It totally is—whereas Mr. Brooks' crime quickly got suffocated by the media. It couldn't be because he was black, right? You all know these answers. You all know the liberal media's bias. 

You're probably already doing this, but just have a chuckle over the folks going after Boebert and Massie for their photos. CNN said it was not in good taste and not in keeping with the Christmas spirit. The comments from left-wingers to these posts were different. Gun control talking points are all over—we all know your game, fellas.

This crime in the Rust Belt is bad, but Waukesha was karma. It's the unhinged ramblings of an unfocused, unprincipled, and utterly deplorable set of people. If it weren't for gun control, these liberal clowns would go about their daily routine of mocking, denigrating, and outright hating the people of Oxford. They hate the Rust Belt. Anything not urban, liberal, or educated is anathema to this elite slice of Americans who rail about white privilege though they are the whitest people on Earth. They're also the most vociferous anti-police wingnuts out there to the point where nonwhites are looking to Republicans for refuge. No one wants to defund the police. That's settled. 

I find both tragedies to be horrific. The Oxford shooting was wholly preventable. The family is just a horror story. The parents reportedly bought the gun for this kid who drew disturbing photos claiming that the voices in his head wouldn't stop. The cries were everywhere, and no one did anything. The parents also went on the run when they found out they were about to be charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. Mr. Brooks killed six people; one was only eight years old. Both suspects are monsters. 

Massie and Boebert are Second Amendment supporters. I'm sure their intent was not to mock the Oxford shooting. It's not about being tone-deaf. It's about liberals not liking guns or gun owners. These people don't take policy disagreements as mere differences of opinion. It's soul-defining—and that's insane. But that's also today's Democratic Party. 


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