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The Very Simple Reason Why CNN Could Keep Chris Cuomo Around

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Okay, maybe it was false hope. Look, I’m a normal person who think that when you cross the line ethically or otherwise, there should be consequences. When you use your sources to get information on the women who have accused your brother, who is also governor, of being a groper and then being in direct contact with his staff about your fishing expedition, you should be fired. As a CNN host, you should be fired, right? Yes. 

Chris Cuomo did exactly that when Andrew was accused of sexual misconduct. He held strategy sessions and advised his brother on what to do regarding messaging. That was the initial report on Chris’ antics. The New York attorney general office's latest documents show Chris trying to find personal information about the accusers and was in contact with the governor’s top staffers at the time. The fallout was CNN announcing his immediate and indefinite suspension, but Brian Stelter, who hosts the ironically named Reliable Sources on the network, says Chris will probably be back in January (via Fox News):

CNN suspended embattled anchor Chris Cuomo "indefinitely" on Tuesday, leading to widespread speculation that his time at the liberal network was over. But hours later, CNN’s media newsletter penned by Brian Stelter and his sidekick floated that Cuomo would simply "remain on the bench for weeks."

Calls for the "Cuomo Prime Time" host to be fired intensified this week after newly released documents showed he was far more involved in aiding his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D., during his sexual misconduct scandal than he previously disclosed to viewers or the network.


"Cuomo has been suspended by CNN – not for a few days, not for some faux ‘vacation,’ but for an indefinite period of time, ‘pending further evaluation,’ the network said," Darcy wrote. "The CNN spokesman who shared the suspension decision did not get into any further details, but it's possible that Cuomo – who frequently ranks as the highest-rated host on the network -- will remain on the bench for weeks."


"The suspension is indefinite. There is no end date. It will remain that way until after a review," a CNN spokesperson told Fox News Digital when asked if the newsletter indicated Cuomo would return. "The statement couldn't be any more clear."

However, Stelter himself said on Wednesday's "New Day" that while Cuomo is benched for now, "We're heading into a holiday season. I think it's possible he will be on the bench for several weeks. It's possible he'll be back in January."

He’s one of the highest-rated hosts on the network—and they’re going to jettison him? Some folks on Twitter were making similar points about why Cuomo will survive his CNN suspension, namely that he’s one of the faces of the network. They can’t get rid of him. This is too big to fail protection here. So, after all that, we start high and then we get slapped with reality. It’s not shocking if you think about it. Jeffrey Toobin was brought back after he was caught masturbating on a Zoom call last October. There are no standards at CNN. Just lies, corruption, and inappropriately touching yourself in front of others. 

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