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I'll admit that I'm not the biggest culture warrior. It's not my go-to political battle, but the "woke" clowns' and the Democratic Party's sprint toward extremism is starting to wear everyone's patience thin, even for liberals. 

Bill Maher is no conservative, but he's speaking out against Critical Race Theory. Bari Weiss, a former op-ed writer for The New York Times, is a classic liberal but is appalled by the illiberal tendencies of the vocal and ascendant progressive left. As we've noted in past posts, people like Maher and Weiss say they're liberal but not communists like the rest of the looney bin. And when we have these woke commies attacking science and gender, you must stop these people. When they're trying to make serious sex crimes, like pedophilia, seem less than what it is—it's a problem. 

The Federalist wrote about this nutjob professor at Old Dominion who coined a new term for this illegal sexual activity [emphasis mine]: 

After witnessing Twix’s latest ad or hearing about Sex Offender Story Time, you might have mistakenly assumed that the left’s push to sexualize children and normalize pedophilia couldn’t be any more blatant. But alas, the word “restraint” isn’t in the vocabulary of those whose insatiable hunger for the most potent forms of moral rot have driven them to take bites out of the few remaining taboos that we haven’t “progressed” past quite yet.

The latest attempt to normalize pedophilia comes from Allyn Walker, an assistant professor at Old Dominion University who uses the nonsensical pronouns “they/them” and has advocated for pedophilia to be “destigmatized,” calling for pedophiles to instead be referred to with the insultingly euphemistic term “minor attracted persons.”

Walker is the author of the book “A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and Their Pursuit Of Dignity,” which challenges “widespread assumptions that persons who are preferentially attracted to minors—often referred to as ‘pedophiles’—are necessarily also predators and sex offenders, this book takes readers into the lives of non-offending minor-attracted persons (MAPs).”

Walker’s attempt to legitimize non-offending pedophiles isn’t the first of its kind. Vice also looked into allegedly “non-offending” pedophiles, including a foster parent pseudonymously called Gary who, to no one’s surprise but everyone’s horror, was accused by one of his foster children’s biological mothers of sexually abusing her daughter.

Well, that's gross and weird. And yes, you should follow Libs of TikTok, who tracks all this insanity. Some of it is too good to be true, and I'll just think that these people are just trying to get attention. I mean, it's easy to explain most of the account as parody, but if not—we're seeing mental illness. 

Who thinks about how to not offend child rapists? Liberals, apparently. 

UPDATE: That professor has been placed on leave (via NY Post): 

A Virginia university has placed an assistant professor on administrative leave after the educator sparked heated backlash for saying it isn’t necessarily immoral for adults to be sexually attracted to children.

Allyn Walker, who teaches sociology and criminal justice at Old Dominion University, made the controversial comment while discussing “minor-attracted persons” and pedophiles during a Nov. 8 interview with the Prostasia Foundation, a San Francisco-based child protection organization.

Walker, who uses the pronouns they/them, was discussing their book, “A Long Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity,” when they insisted it’s important to use that terminology instead of “pedophile” because it’s less stigmatizing.

In a statement Tuesday, the school said it placed Walker on administrative leave.

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