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Liberal Reporter's Thread Hurls a Brick in the Face of CNN and Their Anti-Misinformation Crusade

AP Photo/Ron Harris

Look at who they hire—they’re all liars. They’re all corrupt. WE have Chris Cuomo who had a ‘Me Too’ moment with an inappropriate touching incident from his ABC News days. Don Lemon’s alleged groping incident is heading to trial. Jeffrey Toobin was masturbating in front of his colleagues at The New Yorker. He was later fired, but CNN kept him around. Former deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe is a contributor. McCabe was fired for lying. And yet, this network says it’s all about facts. It’s all about calling fruits by their correct names. It’s all about the apples. Remember facts matter—what a crock. And no writers better shred the myth of CNN being a bastion of truth than independent liberal journalists. They can venture off the plantation and call out their colleagues in a brutal fashion. Michael Tracey does it daily. Glenn Greenwald is another. 


The liberal media was mocked for peddling a blatant hoax from Virginia’s gubernatorial race. A few folks dressed like the white nationalists at Charlottesville showed up with tiki torches to declare their support for Glenn Youngkin, the Republican candidate. There’s only one problem—some of these clowns are Democratic operatives. Some were even captured in photos with Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe on the campaign trail. It was a story that was exposed quickly. One of the tiki-gate hoaxers was black. Another was a woman. Please—this was too easy. You don’t do these things if you’re winning. 

Also, the Lincoln Project claimed credit. It’s just a total fiasco. They did get a plug on CNN, however. Facts matter—sure. Well, Greenwald went on a rampage shredding the network once again for being just abjectly awful. Twitchy had the story first, but here's the thread:


“CNN specializes in putting known liars on the air: not to grill them but to deliver the news. After James Clapper got caught lying to the Senate about the NSA, CNN hired him. The same day the Lincoln Project caused a racist lie to spread, CNN welcomed them onto a panel,” he tweeted.

“If you work at CNN and are genuinely baffled why a) nobody trusts you, b) you are widely hated, and c) your audience is gone, wonder no more. Just look in the mirror,” he added. 

And yet, these folks think they’re bastions of facts and crusaders of misinformation. They peddle it. It’s an addiction. Like a crack whore in a back alley of Atlantic City, they’ll sell themselves to anything. They did so on Russian collusion, then on COVID, and now this white nationalist hoax in Virginia’s gubernatorial race. Why? These networks are designed to help and protect liberal Democrats. Are you shocked? When you prostitute yourself like this—nothing is shocking or shameless—and Greenwald knows that. 


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