Heinz CEO: Prepare for Permanent Increase in Food Prices

Posted: Oct 19, 2021 1:35 PM
Heinz CEO: Prepare for Permanent Increase in Food Prices

Source: AP Photo/Tom Copeland

We’re already being warned that not everything can be on our dinner tables by the holiday season. Why? Well, we’re on the verge of a global supply chain crisis. Grocery stores can’t be stocked with readily available items. This incompetence was brought to you by the Biden administration. It’s stunning that in America, we have a president who is totally fine with spiking food prices. It’s hurting working families, and it’s not a high-class issue. Yeah, the Biden White House thinks that’s something grounded in reality—that only the rich feel the pinch of inflation. And people wonder why liberals always toss out garbage economic theories. Now, we have the Heinz ketchup dude saying that we should expect a permanent spike in food prices (via Fox Business):

Consumers need to prepare for a permanent increase in food prices, according to Kraft Heinz CEO Miguel Patricio. 

Patricio said that inflation is "across the board," leading to a price increase in several countries. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the U.N. marked an increase in the Food Price Index in September, up 1.2% compared to the same month last year.

"We are raising prices, where necessary, around the world," Patricio said in an interview with the BBC. He noted a number of factors in various countries have driven the "necessary" increase. 

"Specifically in the U.K., with the lack of truck drivers," Patricio explained. "In [the] U.S. logistic costs also increased substantially, and there's a shortage of labor in certain areas of the economy."

Patricio’s reference to "U.S. logistic costs" could refer to the record backlog of container ships waiting to enter the Port of Los Angeles. The port’s executive director, Gene Seroka, claimed that around 250,000 containers require moving through the port as of Oct. 6.

Yeah, the one bloc of voters who sure notice the spike in prices due to inflation is women. America’s mothers balance the home budgets—and they sure as hell see Joe Biden not doing anything about it. Fixed-income seniors as well. Just wait until the heating bills come in too. Economic pain is ahead for millions, thanks to Joe Biden. 

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