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Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

Are we shocked this happened? Seriously? Okay, maybe it’s a bit out of left field since it’s an organization that wouldn’t lift a finger to help Republicans, but Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is really living up to her reputation as a RINO and party backstabber. She must know the game is up. Her approvals in her home state are abysmal. She’s being challenged in a primary. And her insufferable go-to talking point about how pissing off the base is all in the name of principle and 'country over party' has become outright comical. It’s not about principle. It’s not about the country. It’s about Democrats liking how you going in front of the cameras to do their dirty work for them. They’re using you to shoot inside the ship, Liz. You still can’t see that, huh? Democrats want to win. Liz Cheney is very much part of the wing of the GOP that’s not for that; it’s the moral victory-centric folks. That’s still losing. So, at the end of all that, who just offered Liz an endorsement? Occupy Democrats (via The Federalist):


The radical left-wing group announced its support for Cheney after former President George W. Bush gave the Wyoming congresswoman his blessing with a Dallas fundraiser.

Since escalating an inner-party feud to rid the GOP of President Donald Trump’s influence, and henceforth the influence of his Republican voters, Cheney has become a folk hero among the left, even drawing donations from Democrats in her bid for re-election, as highlighted by CBS’s “60 Minutes.”

In July, Cheney became one of two Republicans — the other being fellow Never Trump Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois — to serve on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s weaponized probe to investigate the January riot at the Capitol. Cheney joined the politicized Jan. 6 Committee as vice chair after Pelosi barred other Republicans from panel participation.

“Congress is obligated to conduct a full investigation of the most serious attack on our Capitol since 1814,” Cheney said as she took her next Democratic gig. She appeared to gloss over the 1954 raid by Puerto Rican nationalists who shot five congressmen, the 1983 Senate bombing by left-wing militants who were granted clemency by Democrats — not to mention the al-Qaeda terrorists who flew a plane into the Pentagon on 9/11, and the summer of rage last year.


Look, this is her decision. She’s all-in. If she perishes, she perishes. That’s fine. This is America. Yet, no one will feel sorry for her. Also, if you’re a conservative Republican, shouldn’t you at least be wondering why Occupy Democrats is tweeting words of support? We all know why the latter is doing this—it’s to infuriate Trump and his base. That base being the Republican Party. Liz decided to not get with the program and remain in the lane of losing endless wars, and cheap talk about principle. These clowns must know the January 6 commission isn’t about the truth—at all. It’s certainly not a crisis. It’s not worse than 9/11. And most of the country has simply moved on. No one cares about this except the political class—and we hate those types of people. 

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