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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Anthony Fauci has the most punchable face right now. The man goes back and forth on everything. He admits that store-bought masks don’t work to curb the spread of COVID. The NIH looks like they were serious players in the research that created the virus that most likely escaped from a lab in Wuhan. He was against a study that did not recommend COVID vaccine boosters, now he’s changing his tune. He’s the QB1 concerning the 'get vaccinated but also stay inside' narrative that undercut the whole vaccine push. It rightfully generated skepticism about whether the vaccine even worked. Now, he’s dropped Nagasaki-sized bombs of misinformation about COVID, kids, and the flu. He said that we’ve lost more kids to COVID than the flu. That’s simply a lie. And the CDC’s own data proves that:


I know you have done this already but mute this guy when he’s on television. What he says is a lie. It’s not true. He’s been a science fiction peddler for months and he really has no authority to issue any edicts whatsoever. He has become the most insufferable man on the planet who at this point—should probably be launched into the sun. 


Shut up, Tony. You’re a lying sack—and always will be. Also, it’s you people who have derailed your goals on vaccination by acting as if they don’t work so a big round of applause for all you idiots. 

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