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There's Something Up With CNN's Article About Kids and COVID

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

Guys, we’re done with the fear porn. Done. COVID is likely going to be a seasonal thing, like the flu. We have three vaccines. Some states and localities have reimposed the very measures that didn’t do jack to curb the spread, like wearing masks. Still, we’re not in full-blown lockdown mode. Sports stadiums are packed as they should. It’s football season. We’re getting into the post-season for baseball. Hockey is right around the corner. We’re getting on with life. The only people who are still afraid are the Fauci fan club. The FDA rejected Biden’s plans for COVID boosters for most of the general population on Friday. The data is too sparse to sign off on jabbing people again. For those 60 and over, it’s a different story, but the expert panel said it was time to pump the brakes on boosters. That’ll surely piss off Fauci, who has become one of the most insufferable characters throughout this pandemic. During the Delta spike, there was another category of fear the elite media decided to exaggerate: cases regarding children. 


Of course, you hope no child gets infected, but that’s not reality. While concerning that there was an uptick in infections among children, there’s still no need to panic. CNN tried to do this recently:

Children now represent more than a quarter -- or 26.8% -- of weekly Covid-19 cases nationwide, according to data released Tuesday from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

The update comes as schools across the US have been in session or are getting into full swing. Experts have encouraged adults to get vaccinated to protect young children returning to the classroom.

"If we want to protect the children, particularly those who are not yet eligible for vaccination, you want to surround the children with people who are vaccinated -- teachers, school personnel, everyone else," Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said Tuesday.

Some 251,781 child cases of Covid-19 were reported in the past week (August 26-September 2). That number represents more than a quarter of the 939,470 cases total that were reported over that period.

Well, AG Hamilton tore apart this article, noting that child deaths from COVID still remain near zero. 


“Obviously we don't want kids getting Covid-19 at all, but there is a big difference between suggestions that kids are specifically being hit with a massive new wave and the data is just now catching a lot of kids that usually wouldn't notice they had it,” he wrote.

And maybe we would have a better vaccination rollout nationwide if the experts gave science-based advice instead of peddling science fiction. We’re in this weird communications realm where the message has gone from ‘get vaccinated but don’t go outside,’ which rightfully drew skepticism about whether the vaccine even worked. No other group has done more harm to discredit the vaccines than Fauci, the CDC, and other so-called experts. Now, the new line is something akin to “we must get vaccinated to protect the unvaccinated” or something along those nonsensical lines. But we're all seeing the true game here. It’s not about public health or that 70 percent vaccinated benchmark, which was never going to be clinched—ever. It’s about control. We’re fighting a forever pandemic wing of the political class, who are being aided by Fauci and his lab coat fascists at the NIH, who bankrolled the research that created the virus itself. 



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