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Clown Show: State Department Now Says Their Stranded Americans Figure Was Total Garbage

AP Photo/Muhammad Sajjad

The adults are back, folks. Competency is back. Diplomacy is back. The chaotic days of Trump are over, except they’re not…and this administration has held a clinic in failure. Joe Biden and his crew knew Afghanistan was on the brink of collapse. State Department memos and intelligence reports flowed int throughout the summer about how the conditions on the ground were abysmal. Biden ignored it. He said in July that this wouldn’t be like Saigon 1975. False. It’s worse. By mid-August, the Taliban rolled into Kabul. Chaos erupted. The airport is a disaster zone. Everything Biden said about this crisis has been refuted by the press, including unabashed liberal networks. There’s the August 31 deadline for withdrawal that the Biden White House views as sacrosanct. We’re actually pulling our troops out now. Biden had previously promised to stay as until every American is out. It looks like we’re now going to leave Americans behind. We are leaving Americans behind. There are thousands trapped behind enemy lines. We have the operational capacity to get them. Biden won’t allow any operation to get them. The Biden strategy is to trust the Taliban with their safety, send a few emails, and make a few calls.


To make matters worse, we still don’t know how many Americans are left in the country. This administration has tried to offer a number and it’s been a clown show. We’ve gone from 5-7,000 Americans, to over 7,000, and now 4,100. That latter number was later retracted by the State Department, and yes—people are not happy at being lied to…again:


Today, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who is acting more like a deer in the headlights than our top diplomat, said that around 1,000 Americans may still need to be evacuated. Watch that figure change. We don’t know. There was no plan, and that crisis is compounded by the fact that Biden is totally detached from reality on the issue. He’s more concerned about his domestic agenda. He doesn’t care that he’s leaving Americans behind on August 31. That’s going to happen.

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