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Oh, So This Is The Key Detail Missing in the NYT's Newest Piece on Brett Kavanaugh

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File

I mean, is this for real? They cannot let anything go. Anything Trump-related must be reexamined and in most cases subject to gaslighting to keep the Democratic base’s addiction to perpetual outrage well sated. Justice Brett Kavanaugh was the topic of discussion in a recent New York Times piece about the FBI’s investigation into the unsubstantiated and fake allegations of sexual misconduct that were lobbed against him. Guy wrote about this earlier last week, but with Democrats revving up their equally comical January 6 commission—all roads behind all of this lead to one man: Donald Trump.


They’re still salty over us nuking the Merrick Garland Supreme Court nomination under Obama. Sorry, elections have consequences. We had the Senate majority. Garland was never going to happen. And the Supreme Court actually was a significant factor concerning why the GOP base came out in 2016, maybe even pushed some Trump skeptics into pulling the lever for the man. So, we need to rehash this all over again because Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) needs a distraction. He needs to find something to do other than take up space and rant about dark money which NO ONE cares about. He also needs some good press. The last time he was in the press it was about his affiliation with a ‘whites only’ beach club in Rhode Island. 

So, let’s get into it here with Kavanaugh, the FBI, and their alleged fake tip line (via NYT):

Nearly three years after Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s tumultuous confirmation to the Supreme Court, the F.B.I. has disclosed more details about its efforts to review the justice’s background, leading a group of Senate Democrats to question the thoroughness of the vetting and conclude that it was shaped largely by the Trump White House.

In a letter dated June 30 to two Democratic senators, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island and Chris Coons of Delaware, an F.B.I. assistant director, Jill C. Tyson, said that the most “relevant” of the 4,500 tips the agency received during an investigation into Mr. Kavanaugh’s past were referred to White House lawyers in the Trump administration, whose handling of them remains unclear.

The letter left uncertain whether the F.B.I. itself followed up on the most compelling leads. The agency was conducting a background check rather than a criminal investigation, meaning that “the authorities, policies, and procedures used to investigate criminal matters did not apply,” the letter said.


In an interview, Mr. Whitehouse said the F.B.I.’s response showed that the F.B.I.’s handling of the accusations into misconduct by Mr. Kavanaugh was a sham. Ms. Tyson’s letter, Mr. Whitehouse said, suggested that the F.B.I. ran a “fake tip line that never got properly reviewed, that was presumably not even conducted in good faith.”

Mr. Whitehouse and six of his Democratic colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee replied to the F.B.I.’s letter on Wednesday with demands for additional details on the agreement with the White House that governed the inquiry. They also pressed for more information on how incoming tips were handled.


Joe Biden syndrome must be spreading through the Democratic caucus because all these clowns got reports about the 4,500 tips. ALL OF THEM. It was available.

 Did they forget? Congress is usually the meeting place for Mentally Defective Anonymous, but holy cow. Or maybe, this was just a badly orchestrated hit job, which is the hallmark characteristic of the Kavanaugh Supreme Court fight, one of the nastiest in recent memory. I’m going to go with the latter and say that this was another attempt at gaslighting. It was a way to get the lefty base animated about a Me Too-related event with a Trump-appointed judge. No one cares, but inside the concrete jungles of urban America where the professional Left dominate—they probably are still seething over that court fight. And they have money for the war chests. It's also another jolt to the whole court pacing scheme Democrats want now that they see the liberal wing being chipped away by father time. It’s also a distraction for these folks over the appalling jobs report and other economic factors that are now plaguing the Biden administration. The honeymoon is over. Even Democratic pollsters see inflation as a huge iceberg on the horizon. 


This story won’t last long overall. In fact, it might be dead with normal Americans. Kavanaugh isn’t going anywhere and crackpot Michael Avenatti is attached to this saga so there’s skepticism abound. Avenatti, who is in jail for trying to extort Nike, represented whackjob Julie Swetnick who alleged that Kavanaugh was involved in a gang-rape ring in high school. She later backtracked virtually every aspect of this story. If there ever was a sham, it was this little tantrum Shelly threw. It’s all about ranting against Trump. And if you thought this was eye-roll worthy—just wait until the January 6 commission gets going. 

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