If the Trump WH Ever Gave an Answer Like This, The Press Would Have Had a Total Meltdown

Posted: Jul 26, 2021 6:00 AM
If the Trump WH Ever Gave an Answer Like This, The Press Would Have Had a Total Meltdown

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

It's an old game, but one that never loses its entertainment value. How would the media react if Donald Trump or his White House staff gave this answer on this, that, or the other? You all know the answer. It would be a total meltdown. Not since reactor four in Chernobyl exploded would we see such an outburst of energy from the press. How this was irresponsible, a dark day, and maybe a constitutional crisis—the latter is a new favorite term the Left uses when discussing the Trump presidency. The reloading of this little game comes as Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that COVID vaccination was not mandatory with staffers last Thursday (via Fox News):

The Biden administration is not mandating COVID-19 vaccines for White House staff, press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday. 

During the White House press briefing … Psaki suggested that every White House official had been offered a COVID-19 vaccine, but clarified Friday that the White House was not requiring officials to be vaccinated. 

"No, we have not mandated it," Psaki responded, after being asked whether the administration was mandating White House staff receive a coronavirus vaccine. 

Psaki did not provide a specific number of how many White House officials have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus, but said that they are able to track the number of individuals on the president’s staff because "they are vaccinated here in the White House medical unit."

If the Trump White House said the exact same thing, the follow-ups would be about leading by example and why are they trying to kill people; I hate our press corps. Yet, they do, from time to time, have good moments. So, who got infected? Who has COVID? We know someone might have been since Psaki doesn’t want to say if there have been any breakthrough COVID infections among the White House staff, which are rare. Now, that’s a good question since an aide to Nancy Pelosi, who was vaccinated, tested positive after meeting with COVID-infested Texas Democrats who fled their state in an attempt to block the passage of a voter integrity bill. Why doesn’t she want to answer that? Even Psaki was taken aback by why a reporter wanted that information. It’s because of transparency. 

Kamala Harris also met with the COVID-infected Texas Democrats. Does she, have it? Maybe. I don’t know. Mr. "America is Back" and his White House are clamming up about that. If Trump’s White House gave this answer, more impeachment talk would have come up. If we’ve learned anything from Democrats, especially this COVID-plagued lot from Texas, it’s that they should shut their faces about being responsible during a pandemic for the next 1,000 years.  

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