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AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

The American Left is feeling a little betrayed that moderate Democrats are backing away from their pro-crime agenda. Defund the police was going strong throughout 2020. And then, like clockwork, crime spiked. Democrat-run cities are hotbeds for violent crime. Over the weekend, there was a shooting outside Nationals Park in Washington, DC, which is located in now super gentrified Navy Yard. Carjackings are also through the roof in the city. New York City is seeing a crime spike so bad that a former police officer is set to become the next mayor. Is the crime spike as bad as the 1980s and early 1990s? No, but that's not really an argument. It only becomes an issue when there are 1,500 homicides? This is your mess, liberal America. Time to deal with it. 


It's funny how this whole mantra changed for Democrats when their own voters decided to place violent crime as a topic of national concern. Soft on crime is not really a winning election strategy, but the far Left, who reside in enclaves where this nonsense is still popular, are pushing for lawlessness and disorder, and they're not happy that Democrats, including Joe Biden, are running away from their Mad Max agenda (via NY Post): 

“Since the last election the moderates have been moving away from it,” state Sen. Jabari Brisport told The Post. Brisport — a socialist — warned that embracing cops would bring consequences from his perennially restive comrades.

“I think hiring more cops after we just saw the largest protest our nation has ever seen against police violence is extremely tone deaf and does not build the base and will probably hurt us in the 2022 elections,” Brisport said.

During a summer of violence in 2020, defund the police became a battle cry for Democrats from coast to coast. In New York, the City Council passed a budget slashing a billion dollars from the NYPD. Its undercover anti-crime unit was disbanded. Lefty Minneapolis lawmakers moved to completely defund their department and (promptly backed down in the wake of a crime surge).


“It’s not a winning issue and Democrats are by and large not going to campaign on it,” a House Democratic insider told The Post. “There’s what the activists want us to do and what we’re actually doing and we’re going to run campaigns based on what we’re actually doing.


The national Movement for Black Lives denounced the funding in a statement as “immoral” and a “slap in the face to the millions of Black, Brown, Asian, and LGBTQ+ people who voted this administration into office.”

“Joe Biden wants to hire more police officers because he is the same segregationist that fought for the Crime Bill. He never cared about us. Kamala Harris’ job was to arrest us and put us in jail,” added Hawk Newsome, a former Black Lives Matter leader in New York City. “They have deceived us once again.”


Wait, you guys thought that a) politicians don’t lie and b) everything they campaign on will be enacted? Welcome to politics, fellas. But the internal fight over this could be interesting to watch. Any time Democrats shoot inside the ship, it's always entertaining. We should also see if this depresses inner-city voter turnout in future elections as well given the feelings of betrayal here. 

These idiots thought that defunding the police would be popular? Did they not pay attention to what Minnesota tried to do? 

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