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AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

It’s been said before, so we’ll just have to say it again. Kids, generally, don’t get it or spread it when it comes to COVID. Schools have been safe to reopen for months. The only people who have stood in the way are the lab coat COVID fascists, teachers’ unions, and the liberal media. Schools are not sources of super spread. If there’s any demographic that’s the safest from infection, it’s kids. Period. The Centers for Disease Control and the teachers’ union colluded to keep schools closed. Why? Well, it’s all politics, of course. 


Even Joe Biden gutted the teachers’ union’s arguments for keeping schools closed so they could stay home and do nothing months ago. Liberal blogger Kevin Drum wrote about the school district in Irvine, California who returned to in-person learning last September. In March of 2021, they reported that out of 23,000 students, just 17 contracted COVID. Out of the 3,000 employees employed by the school district, only three went down with the virus. It’s been time to reopen schools, not least being that mental health issues for America’s students have shot through the stratosphere. And yes, there have been too many student suicides, thanks to the selfishness of teachers’ unions. 


And now, we have a study from across the pond from our cousins in the United Kingdom, which shows the rate of survival for kids who contract COVID. It’s high, insanely high. That’s good news (via National Review):

Via the Wall Street Journal, a statistic from a new comprehensive study that should be cited early and often whenever anyone starts making noises about reverting back to distance learning when kids go back to school in autumn: “Some 99.995 percent of the 469,982 children in England who were infected during the year examined by researchers survived.” Underlying health conditions, especially serious brain or nerve-related disabilities, increased the risk of dying of COVID-19. No child with a stand-alone diagnosis of asthma, diabetes, epilepsy or Down syndrome died from COVID-19.

Would we prefer kids not catch COVID-19? Sure. If they are infected, do we have to worry about any serious health consequences? In very rare cases, yes; we know which kids are most at risk because of their preexisting serious disabilities. In those cases, we can take steps to keep kids safely distanced and protected — and in some cases and ages, vaccinated.


Regarding the Delta Variant, the publication added there is no data to suggest that it causes more serious illness or death in kids, the same as adults. 

Children have a 99.995 percent chance of survival if they contract COVID. Well, we might have to cancel school forever. That’s the Fauci way of thinking about COVID. Does it sound stupid? Yeah—that’s because it is. 

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