Loudoun County School Board Meeting Was Engulfed in Total Mayhem Over Critical Race Theory

Posted: Jun 23, 2021 6:00 AM

A school board meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia, was shut down by law enforcement over Critical Race Theory (CRT). Anti-CRT protestors flooded the hall, making their opposition crystal clear to board members who evidently were shaken to their core. This public meeting was quickly declared an unlawful assembly, and yes, arrests were made. It's insanity. If board members can't handle the heat, then they are the ones who should vacate the premises and nix this pseudo-intellectual garbage that is CRT from the county's curriculum. More and more parents are not having any of this white liberal nonsense in our schools. It cannot be educational if there's no evidence to back it up; CRT is the classic case of satisfying one's own feelings of anti-whiteness and moral superiority. That's the woke Left in a nutshell. It's historical fiction they're trying to pass off as legitimate. It's academic fraud. 

Gabriella Borter of Reuters documented the mayhem. There was a rally before the meeting. There were counter-protestors showing support for CRT. She captured the moment the police arrested one of the attendees. 

Lawyer Aaron Walker noted how the declaration of an unlawful assembly seems dubious at best:

Democrats, take notice, because suburban parents, even liberal ones, are really not on board with this nonsense.