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Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP

Conservatives have a love-hate relationship with Bill Maher. He has offered commentaries that crossed the line, but when he’s right—he’s right. What’s more, he doesn’t cave to the political correctness mob. Maher is noted for being against the ‘wokeness’ and calling it out in brutal fashion. He’s also a pro-Israel stalwart and speaks the truth when it comes to radical Islamic terrorism. On all three topics, he’s ruffled the feathers of the Left. 


On the May 28 broadcast of his show Real Time on HBO, Maher wasn’t having any of the pro-Hamas, anti-Israel shenanigans. Guests James Carville and New York Times opinion writer Nicholas Kristof were discussing the recent conflict in Gaza, which has halted as part of a ceasefire. Kristof was explaining why Israel was being criticized with their airstrikes, which Maher slapped down one at a time. The comedian noted that he didn’t see any war crimes in this conflict; people die. Get used to it when these armed conflicts break out. He also noted that Hamas fired over 4,000 rockets into Israel. How do you respond to that? The military targets are purposefully placed in civilian areas. 

Maher also took the whole ‘apartheid state’ narrative to the woodshed as well, noting that Arab-Israelis can vote, serve in the military, and be represented in the Knesset. That’s much different than white Europeans from the Netherlands landing in what we now call Cape Town and those descendants taking over all aspects of socio-political life and oppressing the black majority. the Jews have been in the region for thousands of years. They’re not occupiers. They’re the original inhabitants who were occupied by the Turks, Byzantines, Persians, Romans, and the Babylonians. It’s a history lecture that is not seen or mentioned by these anti-Israel social media influencers. 


I just had to circle back on this since we’ve seen a spate of anti-Semitic violence that’s ignored by the progressive Left since they’ve taken the side of the terrorists. The HBO host noted, like others, that Israel has time and again offered peace deals to the Palestinians who have always rejected it. They want Israel destroyed. How do you negotiate with that? And if Israel lets up just a little bit, they get killed. He took special aim at model Bella Hadid who he rightly noted would be sprinting to Tel-Aviv if she had to spend a day in Gaza. 

Maher may be wrong on a lot of things, but on some key issues, he’s spot-on and I’m pretty sure this is another segment that left-wingers hated. He spoke the truth about the situation and buried all the talking points we’ve heard that either criticized Israel or defended Hamas. 

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