The Latest Attempt by the Liberal Media to Distract Us Over Trump DOJ Story Just Blew Up

Posted: Jun 07, 2021 1:40 PM
The Latest Attempt by the Liberal Media to Distract Us Over Trump DOJ Story Just Blew Up

Source: AP Photo/Chris Seward

There’s a border crisis. Trump looks like he was right about the Wuhan lab leak theory on COVID. We have rising inflation. The jobs report was again below expectations. There’s been more bad news than good, so the liberal media had to step in and run interference. There’s a key 2022 midterm election on the horizon. The groundwork starts now, so why not hurl the Trump vs. the media grenade as a distraction. The Trump Department of Justice seized the phone records of some New York Times reporters. It didn’t catch on for a variety of reasons. One, no one likes or trusts the press who are self-righteous and condescending. Oh, and did I mention stupid? They’ve been wrong about almost every major story for years. Second, I would care more if there was outrage when Obama did this back in 2013. It was with Associated Press reporters but again, this isn’t new folks. Your people did it first. 

The New Republic tried to fan the flames about Trump’s war on the press and how only Joe Biden can end it. It’s a piece which aged poorly, less than 72 hours because The Washington Post’s publisher elaborated that Joe Biden’s DOJ intensified what the previous administration was already doing (via WaPo):

During the final days of the Trump administration, the attorney general used extraordinary measures to obtain subpoenas to secretly seize records of reporters at three leading U.S. news organizations. After this was reported last month, President Biden rightly decried this attack on the First Amendment, calling it “simply, simply wrong” and assuring Americans that it would not happen in his administration.

Unfortunately, new revelations suggest that the Biden Justice Department not only allowed these disturbing intrusions to continue — it intensified the government‘s attack on First Amendment rights before finally backing down in the face of reporting about its conduct.

After Biden took office, the department continued to pursue subpoenas for reporters’ email logs issued to Google, which operates the New York Times’ email systems, and it obtained a gag order compelling a Times attorney to keep silent about the fact that federal authorities were seeking to seize his colleagues’ records. Later, when the Justice Department broadened the number of those permitted to know about the effort, it barred Times executives from discussing the legal battle with the Times newsroom, including the paper’s top editor.

This escalation, on Biden’s watch, represents an unprecedented assault on American news organizations and their efforts to inform the public about government wrongdoing.

So, even when the liberal media tries to distract us to help Joe, they fail. Talk about getting a face full of buckshot. 

‘Look, Trump is an autocrat who seized phone records of reporters,’ they cry in the hopes of shifting focus. 

'He's a danger to democracy' is the second part of the story, only to discover the Biden administration continued this ‘assault’ on media. It’s delicious. When the liberal media fails to sell their lies, we all win.