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So, it flew under the radar because of a variety of things, not the least being that there’s a war in Gaza, the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, the Democrats trying to rehash the Capitol Hill riot, and the New York attorney general joining the case to investigate Donald Trump and his businesses. There’s a lot of stuff going on, but I thought it was pretty eye-roll worthy concerning why a horde of Asian groups opposed the recent anti-Asian hate crimes bill.


Was it because it didn’t go far enough? No. Was it because it left some groups out? No. It was because it would…increase policing. It might increase police patrols, who are the very people who would deter such crime and arrest perpetrators who commit these heinous crimes. 

On a side note, despite the spate of media stories only zero in on the controversial officer-involved shootings to gin up progressive anger, people still want cops around. In fact, black and Hispanic communities want more police patrols. I mean, here are the reasons that 75 groups gave for their opposition to this bill (via Axios):

The groups say the bill will bolster law enforcement and further harm marginalized people. Their opposition reflects a fracture among Asian Americans as the community looks to address a yearlong spike in anti-Asian hate.

The bill, backed by prominent AAPI Congress members, including Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) and Rep. Judy Chu (D-Calif.), aims to improve hate crime tracking and train police to better identify anti-Asian hate.

Lawmakers have denied criticisms that the bill reinforces policing. The House is expected to take up the bill in mid-May and will likely send the legislation to President Biden, who has said he would sign it.


In Wednesday's statement, published on writer Jenn Fang's blog, "Reappropriate," activists called the bill a contradiction of "Asian solidarity with Black, Brown, undocumented, trans, low-income, sex worker, and other marginalized communities whose liberation is bound together."

The bill does not create "systemic change" and only increases "crime statistics collection," the organizations write.


The organizations called on members of Congress to oppose the legislation and instead shift resources from law enforcement to communities.


And there it is, folks: intersectionality…and what a cancer it is, huh? Also, what? The urban-based white liberal is insufferable, but there is no creature more annoying than the ‘woke’ Asian. There aren’t that many of them, but it’s someone you would toss into the sea without a life jacket. Need I remind everyone that most of the perpetrators of this spike in anti-Asian violence are black. It’s why this story died a quick death in the media. They can’t blame Trump or white supremacy for the spike in anti-Asian hate crimes because a lot of the suspects are black. If these black suspects are white supremacists, then we’ve jettisoned planet Earth. That would something out of Chappelle’s Show and his skit about “Clayton Bigsby,” who was a black, white supremacist…who also happened to be blind. Look it up. It’s a classic skit. 

No, the very nonwhite faces of white supremacy cannot be weaponized against the GOP, Trump, or white folks so the story died. We don’t like this bill aimed at fighting Asian hate crimes because it might help police officers deter or nab the criminals who commit these crimes…that’s some Grade-A idiocy there but in keeping with how the progressive Left operates. 


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