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Liz Cheney Showed Exactly Why She Was Booted from the House Leadership Last Night

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Well, she did it again. Liz Cheney again showed why she was booted from her position as Chair of the House Republican Conference in an interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier last night. The Fox News host asked the Wyoming Republican why she peddled total fake news about Russian bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan. It’s a story that was anonymously sourced and thoroughly debunked, but she has no regrets about spreading a lie. Why? Well, because she was concerned about Trump and Russia. Seriously? The only people who believe that are Democrats. There was no Russian collusion. It’s one of the greatest myths the media ever manufactured and here we have one of the former faces of the GOP peddling its spin-off series. 


Look, we have other issues to deal with here. Israeli ground troops invaded Gaza yesterday. Inflation is rising. The vaccinated can take off their masks and we’re waiting to see if Colonial Pipeline’s operations will be fully restored without any hiccups. The 5,500-mile pipeline was shut down last weekend by hackers who demanded a $4 million ransom. The company paid it as gas lines and fuel shortages were being reported all over the eastern United States. The pipeline supplies 45 percent of the fuel to this region. It was a big deal and panic buying spread faster than a brushfire. 


To recap, Liz Cheney peddled a lie about Russian bounties on our troops to hurt Trump and doesn’t care about it. This wasn’t her job, by the way. It was simple: raise money and get your people elected. She couldn’t do that. And she doesn’t need to comment on everything. Now, she’s going to lead a skeleton crew of anti-Trump Republicans, who are pretty much already Democrats, to fight Trumpism behind the scenes. Well, good luck. The next chapter of this story is her losing a primary challenge, God-willing. 

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