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New Biden DOJ Hire and Unhinged Russian Collusion Nut Has One Conservative Editor a Little Worried

Joe Biden may not have said outright that his administration would be going after his political enemies, but actions suggest otherwise. Look, maybe he wanted to say it but forgot. We’re talking about Slow Joe here. Rudy Giuliani shared information from his son’s laptop that he forgot to pick up which exposed Biden’s dirty laundry regarding their shady government access deals during the 2020 election. The FBI raided Giuliani’s residence last month. Now, the Biden Department of Justice has hired a total conspiracy theorist in Susan Hennessey a now-ex-CNN contributor who doled out some of the grade-A insanity concerning the Russian collusion myth. Glenn Greenwald, a liberal reporter and one of the original collusion skeptics, described her as “deranged.” I mean, she did think that illegal FISA warrants were okay, she thought the Steele Dossier was legitimate and had other odd musings that touched on Obama appointees, like Michael Horowitz. 


So, it’s not hyperbole if you were to call her a whack job. It’s also why her Twitter account underwent a purge not seen since Joseph Stalin. And this woman is now general counsel of the DOJ’s national security division. This department will very likely review the findings of the Durham probe into the origins of the Russian collusion fiasco, which Hennessey was not a fan of so brace yourselves folks (via Free Beacon):


In a now-deleted tweet, Susan Hennessey, who was appointed on Monday as general counsel of the Justice Department's national security division, criticized special counsel John Durham's attempts to determine whether U.S. intelligence agencies improperly surveilled Donald Trump's presidential campaign when trying to identify Russian interference in the 2016 election. The national security division handles espionage and foreign-agent investigations.

Durham's inquiry has largely tracked a Justice Department inspector general's investigation into false claims the FBI made to obtain warrants to surveil Carter Page, a former Trump campaign aide.

The inspector general said the FBI made more than a dozen "significant" errors and omissions in the surveillance applications. The report was not as critical of Justice Department officials, though attorneys in the national security division did approve of the error-filled warrant applications.


Attorney General Merrick Garland said during his January confirmation hearing that he would allow Durham to continue his work. But he also stopped short of saying that he would release a public report of Durham's investigation once it ends.

Durham has secured only one conviction during his investigation. Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleaded guilty last year to altering an email regarding former Carter Page's relationship with the CIA.


For Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist, she’s a bit worried about this hire. For starters, Hemingway has been an ace at dismantling the Russian collusion myth and its origins. She wrote about how the Obama team spied on the Trump campaign, trashed the liberal media for defending it, and wrote about how Barry’s crew plotted to keep their Russian collusion probe protected—cough* hidden cough*--from the incoming Trump administration. When it comes to the Russian collusion hysteria, Hemingway has shot it down at every turn. It’s the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot; it’s simply too easy to debunk. But Hemingway noted that Hennessey has a personal grudge against her for delivering death blows to this fake news narrative that engulfed the national media for three years. And for someone who openly defended the intelligence community’s bad behavior, I can see why she would be worried. People like that under the guise of a government investigation can do anything. Look at what these people did to Trump and his allies. It seems Biden’s team hired the perfect button woman.

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