Liz Cheney Peddled a Biden White House Policy That Shows How Out of Step She is With Republicans

Posted: May 05, 2021 2:00 PM
Liz Cheney Peddled a Biden White House Policy That Shows How Out of Step She is With Republicans

Source: AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Liz Cheney is not having a good week. In fact, it’s been a horrible year thus far. She voted for the impeachment of Donald Trump. She says he’s not the future of the party. She continually infuriates the party base. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the House Minority Leader, has had it with her. Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is putting out feelers regarding replacing Cheney. She simply cannot get out of her own way. She’s one of the faces of the Republican Party—and she appears to have no issue spitting on its voters. 

Now, on top of all this drama, Liz Cheney is also peddling amnesty documents to her caucus that’s pretty much a carbon copy of what the Biden White House drafted on the subject. Matt Boyle of Breitbart has more:

House GOP conference chairwoman Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) sent a document to the whole House GOP conference in February against Democrat President Joe Biden’s amnesty plan which lifted at least a dozen passages nearly word-for-word from the Biden White House’s public “Fact Sheet” promoting the legislation.

The revelations are significant for a number of reasons. First and foremost, Cheney was spreading material lifted directly from the Biden White House to the whole House GOP conference. Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, Cheney was sending House Republicans what was supposed to be information to arm them to fight against Democrats’ and Biden’s amnesty plan that were in fact actually talking points first publicly published on the Biden White House website to promote the exact same plan.

When reached for comment on the matter Tuesday, Cheney’s office said to Breitbart News that the document was not plagiarized. “I would push back on idea that it was ‘plagiarism,’ for starters,” Jeremy Adler, a Cheney spokesperson, told Breitbart News. “If you’ve seen the email, it specifically says the points about the proposal came from the White House. We were not taking the information and passing it off as our own or anything like that.”

In a follow-up email, Adler added: “It says in the document those points came from reports out of the White House.”

But nowhere in the three-page document does it say this information came from the Biden White House. And Cheney’s email to the House Republican conference did in fact attempt to pass off the document as a House GOP conference product — and makes no reference to the White House fact sheet in question.

Is Liz trying to get booted from leadership? As Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist has noted, there are many other reasons for Liz should not be in leadership, the least of it being this little SNAFU over this immigration document. She isn’t Ms. Moneybags when it comes to raising money. She backed a disastrous bid to oust sitting Republican Congressman Thomas Massie in Kentucky. And now she’s continually drawing negative attention to herself and the party which could have implications ahead of the 2022 midterms if she keeps this up. I think there are other more troubling issues with Liz, like giving Joe Biden a fist bump before he spoke about destroying America, than this speech—but it’s a cumulative effect thing.