Insane: College Student Government Leader Urges Peers to Make Life Hell for Cops

Posted: Apr 30, 2021 6:00 AM
Insane: College Student Government Leader Urges Peers to Make Life Hell for Cops

Source: AP Photo/Jim Vertuno

Yeah, this is par for the course regarding college antics, but it’s a good reminder to all of us that these institutions are running amok, along with their student bodies. During the Vietnam War, it was fundraisers for the Viet Cong, now it’s about making cops’ lives “hell” because…justice or something. 

At the University of Minnesota, that’s what one member of the student body proposed in the wake of recent officer-involved shootings that have sparked another wave of Black Lives Matter/defund the police lunacy. Apparently, the University of Minnesota police chief has not done a good job protecting students of color (via NY Post): 

A University of Minnesota student government leader urged her peers to make life “hell” for campus cops by calling in fake incidents, according to a report Wednesday.

Lauren Meyers, a member of the Minnesota Student Association Executive Board, allegedly directed students to “use up” campus cops’ resources in an effort to pressure the department’s police chief to resign, according to Alpha News.

“Make their lives hell. Annoy the s— out of them,” Meyers said in footage of a video conference. “Like, use up their resources, make their officers show up to something.”

Meyers had been addressing a letter sent this week from students to school president Joan Gabel, calling on University of Minnesota Police Department Chief Matt Clark to resign for allegedly failing to properly protect students of color.

The letter claims that Clark has refused to increase “campus safety and wellness” for students of color and allowed the “utilization of UMPD as a physical arm of the oppressive state to subjugate and silence community members.”

It went on to threaten “direct actions” if “our demands are not met.”

And yes, calling in fake emergencies is a felony. So, please do so, woke students at the University of Minnesota. Your criminal records hopefully will bar you from any employment, thus stopping more lefty toxins from killing this country. You’re all kids. You don’t get to dictate when law enforcement should resign. Get a grip.