What Joe Biden Said About Tim Scott's Rebuttal of His Speech Is Going to Get Him Canceled

Posted: Apr 30, 2021 3:45 PM
What Joe Biden Said About Tim Scott's Rebuttal of His Speech Is Going to Get Him Canceled

Source: Michael Reynolds/Pool via AP

Joe Biden is going to find himself canceled after these remarks about Sen. Tim Scott’s (R-SC) rebuttal of his speech to Congress. Biden was able to muster the energy to stay up past 7 PM and deliver an hour-long address where he pretty much outlined an agenda that will send this nation spiraling toward economic death. 

Of course, this old man lied up there. It was truly one of the most boring spectacles in recent memory—and the ratings showed that. Scott delivered a solid rebuttal. It could have been more "stab in the back and twist" regarding aggressiveness and tone, but he hit Democrats for screwing over his police reform package to score political points and keep a false narrative alive—and hit Biden’s economic agenda. Yet, he made a declaration that drove the Left insane: America is not a racist country. Sure, it has issues, but it’s not systemic. 

Vice President Kamala Harris even agreed that America was not a racist country, and so did Joe Biden (via Daily Caller): 

When asked about Scott’s comment from Wednesday night that the U.S. is not a racist country, Biden agreed that he doesn’t believe American people are racist while speaking on NBC’s “Today.”

“No, I don’t think the American people are racist,” Biden said. “But I think after 400 years, African Americans have been left in a position where they are so far behind the 8 ball in terms of education, health, in terms of opportunity.”

“I don’t think America is racist, but I think the overhang from all the Jim Crow and before that, slavery, have had a cost and we have to deal with it,” he continued.

Of course, Tim was dragged for this remark. 

“Uncle Tim” trended on Twitter for hours. It was awful. But I’m shocked articles of impeachment have not been filed against Joe Biden for saying something…sensible for once. 

I mean, in less than 48 hours, Kamala and Joe have kneecapped liberal America’s favorite activity: blasting everything in the US as racist. It’s the core of their identity. It’s the entire basis of their existence—and they’ve rejected it. They rendered it meaningless, no? Well, maybe not—but I’m sure the "woke" Left, which could make an argument for how Corn Flakes has roots in structural racism, is not happy. They probably feel betrayed. Oh, well. 

UPDATE: And with COVID spiking in India, Joe Biden is banning travel from that country. It has been revealed, everyone. Joe Biden is a racist. I was told eons ago that travel bans were racist. I'm just playing by the rules here.