Liberals Are Really Going to Hate Ron DeSantis Over Florida's Latest COVID Benchmark

Posted: Apr 13, 2021 6:00 AM
Liberals Are Really Going to Hate Ron DeSantis Over Florida's Latest COVID Benchmark

Source: AP Photo/John Raoux

If there is one person in liberal America who is hated as much as Donald Trump, it has to be Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. He’s the heir apparent to the Trump coalition. He’s a potential presidential candidate—and media attacks only increase his name ID. He’s handled COVID exceptionally well in his state, especially when it comes to their vaccination plan. He was attacked for vaccinating the elderly first. Yes, that happened because the media knows the deal. They have to destroy him before he clinches any more wins. The problem is that they’ve failed miserably at it. They talk about the facts. Well, DeSantis has been making them eat it for months since the facts favor his view on the pandemic. Right now, Florida has reached another good benchmark: COVID deaths have remained in the single digits (via Palm Beach Post):

For the first time in almost seven months, the state of Florida reported only a single-digit increase in new reported deaths linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

The state health department said seven more Floridians and two additional non-residents have died due to COVID-19. Over the past two weeks, daily reported COVID deaths across the state have ranged between 22 and 98, and the week-to-week reported deaths have been on a slow decline since January. 

Just five new coronavirus deaths in Florida were reported Sept. 28.

Florida also saw 5,520 new cases of COVID-19, with a daily positivity rate of 7.65%. Palm Beach County reported 350 new cases and 6.36% positivity. No new deaths were reported in the county.


But because Floridians aged 16 and older were eligible to access the vaccine without a doctor's note or certain occupation on April 5, as of Sunday almost 1 million more people had received a shot of either the Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Meanwhile, New York, long seen as a beacon on how to handle COVID, is nowhere in the picture anymore. Maybe that’s because Gov. Andrew Cuomo still presides over a state that was far worse regarding its infection and death rate. He allegedly groped scores of women. And he cooked the books on the COVID nursing home death count because he knew his idiotic order to force these facilities to admit COVID-positive patients likely spread the virus. Better yet, it spread it among the population who are most susceptible to dying from it if infected. Thousands of elderly New Yorkers were killed by the policy. 

So, yes, I can see why CBS News decided to peddle a fabricated story about a pay-to-play scheme between Publix, the state’s largest grocery chain, and Gov. DeSantis over COVID vaccination distribution. They have to destroy this man by any means necessary. It’s also 60 Minutes, which has a history of lying, like George W. Bush and the Killian fiasco back in 2004 that led to Dan Rather being lambasted for peddling fabricated documents about the former president’s time in the Texas Air National Guard. This 2004 story was also done to tilt the election, but that’s a whole other matter. 

DeSantis and Florida lead the way. A red state did it right—the Left cannot stand it. Meanwhile, California Gov. Gavin Newsom is facing a recall. Cuomo has been engulfed in scandal. The faces of liberal America are total failures when it comes to COVID.