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Former Fox News Host Roasts Fauci Over Absurd Wedding Decree

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

This could become a new beat. 

‘Who the hell are you, Doctor Fauci?’ is the name. Biden’s de facto COVID czar appears to think that a) we have to listen to every word he says, and b) he has enforcement of law concerning his COVID guidelines. He doesn’t. He’s not an elected official. He’s a bureaucrat whose advice should be disregarded on a daily basis. Why? He’s been wrong more times than not and after three strikes you’re out. Actually, I’m being kind here; he’s had several strikeouts. 


He’s a man who likes to hear himself talk—that’s it. He’s a man who laments the partisanship around his advice and that of the medical experts who have been wrong on just about everything regarding COVID. They were wrong on schools reopening, testing, masks, and vaccine distribution. The only group of experts that were right about one particular issue was pediatricians who noted last summer that it was safe for children to return to in-person learning. 

And now, Fauci is lord of all things relating to weddings. Yeah, this man thinks we need his permission to have weddings in America. Even former Fox News host Megyn Kelly had to remind this clown that he has zero authority to determine what we do in our daily lives. 

“Not sure who misled you on this, sir, but you don’t control us,” wrote Kelly on Twitter. This came after Fauci said he couldn’t give a timeline on when a wedding would be permitted in his warped mind. 

Why is there so much division? Look in the mirror, doc. The answer is right before your eyes. It’s because of you people and the trash advice that’s been doled out for months. Stay six feet away is now…three feet. Wear two masks instead of one even though there’s no applicable real-world study that shows doing so has any impact on the spread. You guys seem pretty content on keeping the Democratic lockdown regime narrative alive, even if this circus is about to close up shop because everyone discovered what you all said was total and complete bull. 


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