The First Salvo to Keep Us Under COVID Lockdown Was Fired, But It Was So Ridiculous You Probably Ignored It

Posted: Mar 05, 2021 8:30 PM
The First Salvo to Keep Us Under COVID Lockdown Was Fired, But It Was So Ridiculous You Probably Ignored It

Source: AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov

We have been beaten to death by COVID…by the experts. They say one thing and then reverse course days later. Rinse and repeat. It’s been this way for months. It’s why they’re no longer trusted. They should be mocked. You don’t need a medical degree to know they’re peddling bullcrap. Take the vaccine for example. I’m going to get it despite having contracted COVID last November, but this notion that you can still spread the virus after getting the vaccine is nonsense. Here’s why.

It’s a reversed genetic cocktail that gives us immunity without feeling too sick from the pathogen. You all know what a vaccine is, so I won’t delve into how this opening salvo from the COVID lockdown brigade failed miserably. It was so stupid you probably outright ignored it.

People who get vaccinated can still spread the virus. That was a narrative that was put out there and digested by the media. That’s not how this works. If a vaccine didn’t curb the spread, then why did I get the meningococcal meningitis shot before college? I got it so I wouldn't contract or spread it.

I had COVID, and the lifespan of the virus is about 10 days. After that, you can start slowly resuming your daily routine if you don’t have any more symptoms. Fair enough. Did I get re-tested? No. My doctor said it was not worth it because there are still trace amounts in my nasal passages even though the virus is dead. It’s the residue, the carcass of COVID, that remains. She also said that it’s not enough to get me sick or anyone else sick. Hence, why those who have quarantined for 10 days and no longer have symptoms can go back outside. That totally shreds the narrative that vaccinated people might spread the disease. If you get COVID, you can go outside after 10 days if you have no symptoms, but people who got the shot might still spread it? What? It’s almost as bad as double masking, which is propped up by a mannequin study that noted zero real-world applicability.

Now, it’s "breaking news" that the vaccine curbs the spread of disease. Of course, it does. How do you think we were able to officially declare smallpox eradicated in 1979? How is this even news?

My guess is that it’s testing narratives. COVID cases have dropped 77 percent over the past six weeks. Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins was a bit blunter in his assessment of COVID in the US: It’ll be virtually a non-issue by April due to herd immunity (though this claim is disputed by other medical professionals). Dr. Makary noted that scientists should be detailing what’s going on publicly regarding the drop in cases. The infection mortality rate stands at 0.23 percent, which means, by his estimation, two-thirds of the country has already contracted the virus. We’re on pace for 100 million vaccinations, so that, coupled with natural immunity, means we’re in the right direction, thanks to Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. This kills the urgency needed to pass the $1.9 trillion relief bill…that shockingly has little to no relief for working families. It does dole out a nice piece of coin to federal workers. The government doesn’t want to relinquish its power, and the end of COVID would mark the end of its joy ride in power grabs for the past year or so.

Democrats and the media are trying to see what will keep us scared and locked up inside, which is doing more damage to America than COVID ever could.