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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden has diarrhea of the mouth. He has always had this problem. He’s talked himself into so many problematic remarks that he probably should have been tarred and feathered by the woke mob. Lest we forget that he said Barack Obama was the first articulate and clean black man to run for president back in 2007. There’s a reason why we don’t see much of Joe, why he doesn’t do press conferences, and why, when he does appear, you shouldn't expect him to answer any questions. His handlers know he can’t be trusted to speak for a long time. He’s not good at it. And after his word choice on Texas rolling back its COVID protocols and mask mandate, you can see why he’s kept in the basement. It’s also another “basket of deplorables” moment for the quasi-senile president.


Biden said loosening restrictions now is "Neanderthal thinking." So, we’re cavemen now. Hillary Clinton called us deplorable. Biden says we're Neanderthals. The first layer to this is simple: Biden hates us. The Democratic Party hates us. They’re hoping for more cases and more death. They’re going to be sadly mistaken.

The second layer is Democrats need to keep the fear factory going on COVID.

Right now, we have a $1.9 trillion boondoggle that’s being marketed as COVID relief but helps no one struggling from the Democrats’ lockdown regime. Yet, Biden needs a reason to pass it. He needs an urgent situation, which is why he’s all over the place in trying to sell panic. The man who says trust the science is now peddling science fiction in order to help Democrats pass their progressive goodie bag pork bill.

Typical. Congress doesn’t help anyone except federal workers who will get multiple $1,400 checks to stay home. They haven’t done their jobs in years, which is why populism is on the rise — as it should be.


The COVID hysteria generator needs to go into overdrive because we’re set to reach a critical moment in the COVID pandemic: herd immunity. It’s coming. By April, based on the level of infections, those who’ve survived, and the pace of the vaccinations — COVID really shouldn’t be much of an issue after tax season. Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins noted that the infection mortality rate alone, which stands at 0.23 percent, suggests that two-thirds of the country has already had the infection. We’re underestimating natural immunity, and he feels the experts need to go line-by-line in sharing the good news (although some experts are already pushing back on his prediction). Also, over the past six weeks, COVID cases have dropped 77 percent. Even in nations with new variants, deaths continue to drop. Oh, and we have to thank the man responsible for the three vaccines that have been authorized for use, which are set to save millions of lives: Donald J. Trump. Operation Warp Speed gave us a key tool in combating this virus.

Biden likes the science when it comes to COVID and this relief bill but runs away when it centers on something sensitive, like reopening schools. That’s not leadership. Maybe that’s the real "neanderthal thinking" here. It’s all from Democrats. I mean, the man said that black people who don't support him aren't black. Need we say more?


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