Want to Guess How Long It Took Tucker Carlson to Shred Democrats' Illegal Alien Figure?

Posted: Feb 27, 2021 12:40 AM
Want to Guess How Long It Took Tucker Carlson to Shred Democrats' Illegal Alien Figure?

Source: AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza

You’ve heard it before when there’s a debate about immigration: "there are 11 million people here illegally." Is it true? I feel like that figure has been the same since the late Congresswoman Barbara Jordan (D-TX) held her commission on immigration reform back in the 1990s. It’s actually ironic. Jordan is a Democrat, and her proposals were pretty Trumpian regarding immigration enforcement, curbing legal immigration and reducing the number of visas issued. How the times have changed. The figure is probably closer to 30 million. That’s not tinfoil hat stuff. Ivy League institutions have said the figure is closer to 30 million as well. 

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson decided to delve into this figure as well since Joe Biden’s immigration agenda is pretty much a reboot of total amnesty. It’s nothing shocking. We knew this was coming. It’s the same playbook Democrats have used for years. Get these people cloistered in particular areas, get them politicians of a similar ethnic background, and use these people via the census to increase clout in Congress. It’s worked. Alas, the reason why Democrats are pro-open borders. These legions of illegals that Biden wants to put on the citizenship track will ensure Republicans never win another election, or at least that’s the mindset. 

Scott Morefield, who also writes columns for us at Townhall, wrote about Tucker’s deep-dive into the 11-million figure that took merely an hour to debunk:

The “U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021,” unveiled by Democrats earlier this month, would provide a pathway to citizenship for what many have said to be “11 million” currently illegal immigrants.

After pointing out studies from Yale and MIT suggesting the number is much higher, Carlson spent several minutes explaining how the bank Bear Stearns used bank transfers, remittances, and other data points to estimate the immigrant population “to be as high as 20 million” 16 years ago, in 2005.

“That was all 16 years ago,” Carlson said. “And now, in 2021, the party in charge is still assuring us that the number of illegal immigrants in this country has somehow declined by up to 10 million people. Could that be true?”

“How insulting is that, even to float that idea?” he continued. “Consider everything that has happened since 2006. Amnesty for the so-called dreamers, the promises of mass amnesty, the endless caravans. So the 11 million number is above all, a lie. The 11 million number is one of the more obvious lies ever told. We’re a TV show. We are not social scientists, and it took about an hour to find this out. It’s a ridiculous lie.”

I’m sure a lot of you already knew this figure was way off for years, but alas—let’s rehash it because liberals have a horrible tendency of forgetting things. They’ve forgotten about free speech rights, science, especially when it comes to gender, and a host of other things over the past four years. I mean, look at the Biden White House’s reactions to their recent Syrian bombing run compared to what they were saying a few years ago when Trump was president. Talk about amnesia.