Why Progressives Shouldn't Be Shocked About Biden's Admission Regarding Policing Last Night

Posted: Feb 17, 2021 11:45 AM
Why Progressives Shouldn't Be Shocked About Biden's Admission Regarding Policing Last Night

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Well, if you’re a progressive, it’s another legislative defeat before it even got off the ground. The battle was over before it began because defunding the police is simply not a popular issue. It’s not. Even black Americans aren’t for it. It’s the brainchild of rich white liberals, who have a tendency to ruin everything. They go about this nutty stuff about policing, they use the term “latinx” when referring to Hispanic people, and they have somehow become protectors of the non-whites. Who the hell gave you that responsibility? Do these communities even want you doing that Mr. And Mrs. UC-Berkeley. I don’t think so. At any rate, you guys were had when Joe Biden sort of left it open regarding his position about defunding the police during the 2020 election. He didn’t use those words per se, but he did talk about re-allocating resources. At the end of these linguistic gymnastic games, however, it all circles back to two words: budget cut.

Now, during the 2020 debates, Joe Biden did come out against defunding the police, which was drowned out by President Trump’s overly aggressive attacks against the former VP last September. For the far left, this is a huge issue. And not only did Biden say he wouldn’t do it multiple times, albeit when the campaign was winding down—he declared on CNN’s town hall event last night that he wants more money into law enforcement (via Reuters):

President Joe Biden outlined changes he hopes to make to criminal justice and policing in the United States during a town hall Tuesday night, highlighting issues that his administration may tackle after COVID-19 relief.

Asked how United States law enforcement could protect citizens in high crime neighborhoods while training officers to police compassionately, Biden answered “By number one, not defunding the police.”

Some Democrats pushed for reviews of local police budgets after the death of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer last summer and diversion of funding to social and mental health services.

Biden told the televised town hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that he would put more money into local policing.

“We have to put more money for this to work so we have legitimate community policing, and we are in a situation where we can change the legislation,” he added.

Again, progressives cannot act like this is some shocking admission. He’s been saying it for a while now, even blaming the far left’s war cries over this for thumping Democrats in the suburbs last November. Outside of white liberal land, none of their initiatives are popular, practical, or economically sound. It’s feeling-centric nonsense that should land folks in the looney bin. Biden’s not defunding police and he might make a good chunk of the Trump tax cuts permanent. Well, that’s probably not what you voted for in November, huh?

I think a great many knew that Biden wouldn’t be as gung-ho on some of their pet issues, but if you’re die-hards about this stuff—why even bother voting for this guy. Potentially on certain issues, you just pushed your agenda back almost a decade. So, Medicare for all, that’s on the backburner. I know Trump is no longer president, but within the rank and file—I feel like the level of misery is about the same even with Biden occupying the Oval Office. I think Biden has become more progressive, but he's not Bernie Sanders. He never will be. 

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