Did an NYT Columnist Really Say These Two Things Are What Makes China Better than the US?

Posted: Feb 09, 2021 12:15 PM
Did an NYT Columnist Really Say These Two Things Are What Makes China Better than the US?

Source: AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein, File

All I can say is God bless the crew at Newsbusters. Not because that’s where I got my first taste at monitoring and exposing media bias as an intern there, but because they have to watch some of the biggest clowns in the liberal establishment spew their idiocy on a daily basis. We all know the media is 1000x worse now than anything that occurred under Obama. Back then, some Aspirin could alleviate the headache you received from watching MSNBC and CNN. Now, you need straight-up opiates to maintain a level-head. How they keep sane is beyond me, especially after watching this segment with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman who decided to heap praise on China. Apparently, the "China good, America bad" narrative he constructed here is solely based on the fact that our main economic and military rival has fast trains and no Republicans.

I wish I could be making this up, but that’s the gist right there. China has really fast trains and they don’t elect people like Marjorie Taylor Greene into the National People’s Congress, or something. Yeah, an authoritarian government has no time for electing crazy people like that. Are you kidding me, Tom? You say America is unserious and then you deliver that braindead lecture. You’re actually going to compare elected leaders (you can put air quotes around elected Chinese politicians by the way) and voting rights between our two countries and come out on the side of…Beijing? The nation with an appalling human rights record that crushes its own people is better because…there are no nutty Republicans there? Oh, and the Chinese are only in the midst of executing a high-tech genocide right now, but let’s just ignore that. It blows up the whole pro-China advocacy here. Anyway, here’s the exchange Freidman had with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, which was clipped and analyzed by Nicholas Fondacaro (via Newsbusters):


New York Times columnist Tom Friedman has a long history of being a communist China sympathizer, singing their praises and being their mouthpiece whenever he can. And during a Monday appearance on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time (in which Chris Cuomo often hails Friedman for his supposed intellect), the commie backer argued that China was better than the United States because they had fast trains and didn’t need to deal with Republicans.


Friedman then praised China for having a bullet train while some Americans had chosen to elect conspiracy theorist Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA):

You know, Chris, do you know that it takes four hours and 18 minutes to take the bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai? And it takes 21 hours to take the train from New York to Chicago. And they're both about the same distance.

I can't -- I'll tell you something they weren't thinking about in China this week. They weren't thinking about some knucklehead. They weren't spending the week thinking about a knucklehead who claimed 9/11 didn't happen. They weren't thinking about some guy who is a Q-Anon shaman.

You simply cannot make this up. Look, if you don’t elect crazy people and have good infrastructure, you can kill anyone you don’t like. I guess that’s a new NYT standard or something. It also seems like a joke, but it isn’t. Our media establishment is either afraid to take on China or are bought and paid by them. You see it more and more every day, but this is just straight-up insanity. Decent people should be second-hand embarrassed by this segment.

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