Did You Catch What's Funny About WaPo's Op-Ed About Why It's Tough to be Conservative Right Now?

Posted: Jan 27, 2021 1:25 PM
Did You Catch What's Funny About WaPo's Op-Ed About Why It's Tough to be Conservative Right Now?

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Point and laugh. That’s all I can say to describe this drivel of a piece from The Washington Post. I know a lot of you think that’s the default setting for any WaPo piece, but this one is especially entertaining.

Here’s the headline: “Transgender ban lifted. Tubman on the $20. It’s a hard time for conservatives.”

Seriously? We’re not rioting or setting cities on fire. That’s you people. I couldn’t care less about your moral conundrum about transgender people in the military. It’s not generating the level of outrage the likes of which we saw from the Left when Trump continued the Obama policy of putting kids in cages. Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill is a problem for conservatives? Jackson was a Democrat. Tubman carried guns and carried escaped slaves to freedom. How is this an issue?

This clown didn’t speak to any conservatives. If he did, the Harriet Tubman angle would have been nixed; I’ve known scores of conservatives who are totally fine with Tubman on our currency. At the same time, I will say that I’m a person who doesn’t mind Andrew Jackson. He’s the only president to ever pay down the national debt. That’s a Hall of Fame achievement.

I mean, just read these excerpts here:

Trump put up a giant painting of Jackson in the Oval Office (Biden has already removed it) and halted the project to redesign the $20 bill. On Monday, Biden’s press secretary said that the administration is looking at ways to speed up this redesign, because of the importance of ensuring that our money reflects “the history and diversity of our country.”

Many conservatives will find the new Tubman bill distressing, even if they could barely tell you the first thing about Jackson. Does that make them racist? The real answer is, it doesn’t matter. What’s in individual hearts is not really important.

A good portion of the people who voted for Trump when he promised to “Make America Great Again” did so because he was appealing to their sense of loss, the idea that America’s present is different from the past of their childhoods, a past to which they wanted to return. It was about race, and language, and resistance to change, and yes, even about economic anxiety.

They’re now very unhappy, and they’re going to keep feeling these symbolic blows as the news tells them that they’re not in charge and that America is moving in a direction they don’t like. It’s going to make them mad. But the right thing for Democrats to tell them is: We understand your feelings. We get why you don’t like this. But we’re doing it anyway. You’ll get used to it.

Well, way to close out a column with a "Me Too" vibe, huh? No wonder why so many liberals are exposed as being gropers, perverts, rapists, and all-around sexual freaks. Hey, our side has their fair share too — but the liberal media standard here is that only liberal men can sexually abuse women.

Frankly, that condescending tone in the last few sentences could be summed up with one: elections have consequences. They do. We lost, but it’s not something that’s permanent. Nothing is in American politics. Obama was ushered into office with huge congressional majorities in 2009. It took the 2010 midterm season to wipe all of that away. All it takes is one bad bill to set the Democrats on a collision course for disaster — and that’s going to happen. Joe is shot mentally, his party is a notch or two away from adopting pure Marxism, and he cannot hold the line against the far-left flank of his party who will force him to overreach. Democrats don’t have huge majorities in Congress, which undercuts this whole op-ed. It’s not like Biden won with a mandate. He didn’t. Democrats have a split chamber in the Senate, a very slim majority in the House, and zero accomplishments to note in the state and local races. They were washed out to sea. So, I’m not so sure 2020 is the liberal victory many at the Post think. Also, that headline…it’s cringeworthy, isn’t it?

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