House Dem Forgot Another Possible Cause for Her COVID Diagnosis

Posted: Jan 11, 2021 6:00 PM
House Dem Forgot Another Possible Cause for Her COVID Diagnosis

Source: AP Photo/John Minchillo

Well, this was coming. We all knew this was coming. The GOP, Trump supporters, and anyone who isn’t a liberal is going to be blamed for a possible COVID outbreak on the Hill. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) tested positive today after she was sheltering with maskless colleagues during the US Capitol Building riot last Wednesday. She believes this is where she contracted the virus (via WaPo):

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman, a 75-year-old cancer survivor, has tested positive for the coronavirus after taking shelter in a room with other lawmakers, some of whom refused to wear masks, during last week’s violent takeover of the U.S. Capitol by a pro-Trump mob.

“I received a positive test result for COVID-19, and am home resting at this time,” she said in a statement. “While I am experiencing mild, cold-like symptoms, I remain in good spirits and will continue to work on behalf of my constituents.”

Watson Coleman (D-N.J.) said she believes she contracted the virus while in protected isolation during the riot. Many lawmakers were sheltered in a large committee room together as the mob stormed the Capitol.

On Sunday, Brian Monahan, the attending physician to Congress and the Supreme Court, told lawmakers that the people in that room may have been exposed to someone with the virus.

We’re blamed for Trump, the riot, and now a possible COVID outbreak. What else is there? You know how the media is right now. It’s a full-throated assault on anyone who isn’t a hard-core lefty Democrat. No one in the room Ms. Coleman sheltered in place in plotted with the pro-Trump supporters outside to start this mayhem. As for masks, well, yes—I know you have to wear them. Are they effective in curbing the spread? A study from Denmark says not really. It’s an airborne virus, folks. The plexiglass isn’t going to do much, neither is wearing a mask apparently. if you get it, you get it. That’s the nature of a pandemic caused by an airborne virus. It’s no one’s fault, especially in this session where scores of congressional members had flown back to DC amid a COVID spike during the holidays. Ms. Coleman could have picked it up anywhere. 

Let's not forget that the House speakership election was held on January 3, where members were also packed like sardines. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-MI) caused controversy when she cast her vote for Pelosi, after announcing she had tested positive on December 28. In that timeframe, she would be shedding like crazy, but later said that she was diagnosed on December 23, but only announced her positive test on the 28th (via Fox News):

Pelosi was narrowly re-elected as Speaker on Sunday, Jan. 3 with 216 votes, only two more than the majority she needed. Five Democratic House lawmakers did not vote for her speakership. 

The CDC recommends staying home for 14 days after exposure to coronavirus and to isolate for 10 days after the first symptom develops, or 10 days from a positive test if no symptoms develop. Sunday, Jan. 2, would have been the 10th day since Moore’s positive test, though she didn’t say if symptoms had developed.

Now, I’m glad the congresswoman is doing well thus far—but you know activists and CNN is going to weaponize this story to further demonize everyone in conservative America, specifically the people who weren’t even there and would never endorse such chaos.