Did a CNN Host Have a Slip of the Tongue Moment Covering the Georgia Runoffs?

Posted: Jan 06, 2021 2:55 AM
Did a CNN Host Have a Slip of the Tongue Moment Covering the Georgia Runoffs?

Source: AP Photo/Ric Feld

Tuesday night was not a good night for Republicans in Georgia. Raphael Warnock who has more political baggage than any Amtrak train could store appears to have defeated Sen. Kelly Loeffler in the runoff election. Sen. David Perdue is hanging on, but barely. It’s virtually tied. It very well could be a Democratic sweep of both Senate seats. You read that right. What the hell happened? Obviously, the Georgia GOP dropped the ball, and this calamity was many years in the making. We took the state for granted. We also probably didn’t give enough attention to the voter operation Stacey Abrams has been building since her 2018 gubernatorial loss. She appears to have enacted sweet revenge. 

If Perdue loses, it’s a nasty punch to the gut. Technically, Perdue won his race on election night in 2020. This runoff business is ridiculous. The man won but because he didn’t get above 50 percent, we have this runoff circus. And who was there to pop the champagne? Well, that would be CNN. Wolf Blitzer could barely contain his delight. When he said that the Georgia coverage will continue under Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo, I knew it was going to be bad; both hosts are insufferable. But Cuomo might have had a slip of the tongue moment when he appears to be admitting that the network is a Democratic operative hub that does nothing, but shocker—help Democratic candidates. 

“We won,” he exclaimed. Newsbusters, a division of the Media Research Center, captured the moment [emphasis mine]:

Just as he and co-host Don Lemon took the helm of the network’s coverage of the Georgia Senate runoffs in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, he had a bit of a Freudian slip (or Fredian slip) and cheered “we won” as it appeared that both Democratic candidates were set to win their respective contests.


Bringing it back around to confidence in the result, Cuomo boasted: “We know on the numbers that we have, we won.” But Fredo realized what he just blurted out and immediately added: “democracy won.”


DON LEMON: Midnight Train to Georgia! And we’re talking about Georgia, usually ruby red.

CUOMO: Um-hm.

LEMON: On the precipice of possibly turning blue and changing the Senate and changing, really, at least, the beginning of the course of the Biden presidency. Who would have thunk that this would have happened in state like Georgia?

CUOMO: It is unusual. It is a sign of the times. The Republicans now hoping that this is not the night that the lights went out in Georgia.

LEMON: [laughter]

CUOMO: That was two songs.

LEMON: You're full of them.

CUOMO: That’s it, I am done. [John] Berman was going to give you that one. Now, he’s going to have think of something else.

So, I’ll tell you who won tonight, we already know, you did. Once again a beautiful display of democracy in action. We’re not getting any funny business out of the state of Georgia. The officials are content with how it's going. We have a long way to go, counting could take some time. I do not expect it to be called tonight, but we will be going through.

But already, we know on the numbers that we have, we won, democracy won. Usually a special election after a general, you have about 50 percent falloff in who votes. Here, you have 5 million voted in Georgia in November. We're definitely over four-and-a-half million.

Who is “we,” sir? You and the Democratic Party, right? But of course, it is. CNN is anti-Trump. CNN is anti-GOP. CNN is nothing more than a communications hub to spread the talking points of the Democratic National Committee. This is the Democrat-media complex, and Cuomo just showed an explicit example of being a member of this nefarious alliance. 

“We won.” 

And this is why we hate you, guys.