Why an Editor's Open Letter to Journalists Got Totally Wrecked in a Single Twitter Thread

Posted: Dec 24, 2020 2:30 PM
Why an Editor's Open Letter to Journalists Got Totally Wrecked in a Single Twitter Thread

If you want to find a way to jack up your blood pressure, just read this tweet from the news director of WHAS11 News. Her open letter to journalists is almost as bad as MSNBC’s Katy Tur referring to those in her profession as first responders. They’re not. You all know that. I’m no firefighter, neither is Tur, or any person who writes for a living. There are very few in this field who put themselves in actual physical danger.

Our own Julio Rosas is part of that elite group, covering the various leftist riots. I would put war correspondents in there as well of course, but a local news reporter, the White House press corps, and the vast majority of these folks have it easy. So, just read this and be in awe at its tone-deafness:

In the words of Livia Soprano, “oh, poor you.” What is this? Journalists were rightfully mocked for the last four years for being outright terrible at their jobs. the bias was always there. During the Trump administration, it reached absurd new heights. There wasn’t even a half-assed attempt at hiding it. Journalists should get a pat on the back for doing their job. What job? Burying the shoddy and reportedly corrupt dealings of the Biden family, how Hunter Biden got rich off his daddy’s name because he’s a perpetual screw-up, how he didn’t report $400,000 from an unethical arrangement in Ukraine, and how he’s under investigation for tax fraud. Oh, and Joe is involved too. Some of these deals, like the one in China, were being hashed out when Joe was still VP under Obama. It’s enough of a story that 17 percent of Biden voters said they wouldn’t have voted for Corrupt Joe in the 2020 election if they had known about this pile of dirty laundry.  

Some Twitter account called “Fusilli Spock” did well in ripping this open letter to shreds. I mean, it wasn’t a smackdown. It wasn’t merely a kill shot. It was outright mutilation. Our friends at Twitchy captured this murder scene.

“Good Lord, what a bunch of weak-ass losers our media are. Everyone had a hard year. Everyone wore masks & washed their hands. Everyone battled isolation & fear,” Spock wrote.

Oh, it gets better. 

“None of you worked as hard or as in much danger as doctors, nurses & first responders.” Fact check: true.

Texas Shooter Was Known to Police
Katie Pavlich

“None of you worked as hard or as in much danger as our soldiers, sailors, airmen & Marines.” Correct again.

“How many of you lost your businesses, your life's work due to lockdowns and overreaching government tyranny?” Absolutely. 

I can work from home and still collect a paycheck. I’m lucky. For a huge swath of American workers, that’s not the case. Driving through DC last night, on the eve of another indoor dining lockdown, I saw scores of restaurants empty with waiters and bartenders just passing time on their phones waiting for people to come in and serve. What are these people going to do? It’s tragic. It’s immoral. And these workers are not out of a job for the next three-to-four weeks. As we close the book on 2020, we see that restaurants and bars are not the sources of so-called super spread. It accounts for 1.4 percent of COVID spread in New York. Schools are also not a source of spread because kids, in general, don’t get it or spread it. 

Everyone had a rough year. Most had a devastating year, but journalists were the ones who felt a real twang of pain this year or something. 

And this is why people hate the media—as they should. 

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