What a Liberal Voter Reportedly Did to Her Conservative Dad Is Just Deplorable

Posted: Oct 26, 2020 10:05 PM
What a Liberal Voter Reportedly Did to Her Conservative Dad Is Just Deplorable

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It’s no secret. I’ve said so before on the Triggered podcast. My mom is a lifelong Democrat. She voted for and volunteered for Joe Biden’s 1972 Senate campaign. She’s not a Trump fan at all, and at the same time, knows she’s not going to change my mind about being a Trump Republican. We still love each other. In fact, our family is a hodgepodge of political views. Mom is liberal. Dad is more conservative. My brother is the same way. My brother-in-law tilts conservative. And my sister is very much on her own independent political island. And we don’t allow an election to shred the family bond. Why? Well, because we’re normal people.

I can’t tell you how much it drives me up the wall to see all of these young liberals berate their families, threaten to never talk to them again, etc., over an election. Drama queens reign on the Left. To be honest, my advice to those beleaguered families with unhinged left-wing clowns among them is if they want to avoid you, let them. I mean, who really wants to be screamed at during Thanksgiving or other family gatherings? These people doing all the yelling on social media about how they can’t stand their MAGA-supporting members, how they can't stand you, should stay away. They may be cry babies, but they're adults. It's their call.

At the same time, when your father is reportedly dying of “aplastic anemia,” my first reaction is to not get into a nasty political fight with him and badger him until he votes your way. That’s not persuasion. That’s outright thuggery. I don’t know if this is a real story or not, but even in the world of fiction—it’s disturbing. This woman, using flashcards because for whatever reason she can’t just tell us this ghoulish tale, details how her dying father never voted Democrat, but now will after a series of intense debates because he loves his daughters, and this is somehow a sign of hope.

“If my very Republican dad can, so can you,” and this tale of abuse mercifully ends. Vote for the candidate who respects women is another point made.

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Victor Davis Hanson

What is this trash? Seriously, dad is dying, so let’s exploit that weakness to get another Biden vote. That’s deplorable, but that’s how liberals are at their core: rotten. What a horrible, horrible human being.

Wait, are you saying your mom is “rotten”? Hell no. My mom is of the old school liberal breed. They don’t do this, especially to their loved ones. Only the "woke" zombies do—and they’re taking over the Democratic Party.