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AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

Okay, so Hunter Biden is a disgraced screw-up who got rich off his daddy’s name and would be a dead broke loser if it weren’t for his father. I mean, I guess you could argue that he still a total loser, albeit one with money. Whatever the key fact here is that his laptop has unearthed the dirty deeds. You all know the story here, folks. There’s a reason Joe Biden got all huffy when asked about Hunter. One, he knew his son is a screw-up. Second, his son is a screw-up who knows where all the bodies are buried. Not good for someone who is snorting cocaine like it’s going out of style. The security of the family secrets was very tenuous, and this “laptop from hell” development is evidence of that. Joe Biden’s 2020 ambitions got stained because his son forgot to pay the $85 fee for the repairs. That’s the cost of this fiasco engulfing the Biden camp. It took less than $100 and a bad memory for Joe Biden’s veneer of a working-class hero from Scranton to be shattered irreparably.

In these emails, Hunter refers to his father as the “big guy” regarding a massive business pitch to a Chinese energy firm. This reference is made regarding the equity arrangement. At Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company where Hunter sat on the board making $50k/month, the former vice president was introduced to executives at the company. Hunter got this gig in 2014, around the time his father was heading up our policy efforts in Ukraine as well. Wait, Joe said he knew nothing about Hunter’s business dealings. He also said there was no wrongdoing because he trusts his son. Yeah, not the best line to use, Joe. Burisma was also being investigated for corruption and its executives were banking on Hunter’s connections to protect the company. That happened. Joe Biden fired the prosecutor after threats to withhold aid from the country. It’s painfully clear that? Hunter was there to sell access to then-top Obama officials. It doesn’t get as unethical and swampy as this, huh?

Now, we have pictures of underage girls that have been turned over to the Delaware State Police. 

Thank God for Hunter and his incompetence. None of this would have come to light. He is the October surprise. He is a massive in-kind contribution to Trump’s re-election effort.

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