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CNN Host: I Wasn't Really Saying We Need to Blow Up The System. Uh, Let's Check the Transcript.

Photo by Jason Mendez/Invision/AP

There’s no hiding it, Don. You said it. You said it and then did this pathetic backtrack on your program. CNN’s Don Lemon’s meltdowns are never boring. They’re insanely entertaining. And it’s the reason why CNN should keep him around if it’s only to keep us in conservative media in a constant state of laughter. The man went insane over Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. All of liberal America has—and now there seems to be nothing standing in the way of Mitch McConnell from filling the seat. All loose ends have been tied. Folks, even Mitt Romney, who has been a perpetual pain in the a** for the party, has backed this move. Ginsburg’s vacancy will be filled before Election Day. So, Lemon thinks we need to abolish the Electoral College and pack the courts. We need to blow it all up Now, he said he didn’t say that, which leads us to our next point on this: Don Lemon is bad at gaslighting (via Newsbusters):


During the Tuesday handoff between Cuomo PrimeTime and CNN Tonight, Don Lemon (the host of the later) whined that news outlets like NewsBusters reported on how he had called for the left to “blow up the entire system” and abolish the Electoral College on Monday night. He asserted to fellow CNN host and friend, Chris “Fredo” Cuomo that he was taken out of context. But in reality, he reframed what he said and claimed dishonesty from those reporting on him.

“I woke up and I saw all these headlines like, ‘Don Lemon is calling for the abolishing of the Electoral College,’” he mocked the reports. After some ribbing from his buddy, Lemon went on to suggest that he was merely responding to what Cuomo was saying:

Let me tell you, I don't care. But, I was responding to you when you said we want people with integrity in office. And I said, “Well, then we have to blow up the whole system. Right?” But – and I said man, here's what Democrats can do. And I said, “That's the danger.” They can stack the court. But all of a sudden, I am calling for the abolishing of the Electoral College. And what else did they say? That I'm a Democrat because I said “we.” I mean, the American people. But anyway.


Uh, let’s go back to the transcript from Monday night:

CUOMO: And I think that most people don't agree with that idea. Which is why they don't care about the difference between left and right. See? Until you have a group of people that decide to consistently be better than what they reject, you're going to have people in the exact position they are now, Don. Which is no matter what happens, everybody sticks with their team.

LEMON: We're going to have to blow up the entire system. And you know what we’re going to have to do?

CUOMO: I don’t know about that.

LEMON: Yes. We’re going to have to do?

CUOMO: You just got to vote.

LEMON: Honestly, from what your closing argument is, you’re going to have to get rid of the Electoral College. Because the people --

CUOMO: I don't see it.

LEMON: Because the minority in this country decides who judges are and they decide who the president is.

CUOMO: You need a constitutional amendment to do that.

LEMON: And if Democrats – if Joe Biden wins, Democrats can stack the courts. And they can do that amendment and get it passed. That’s the danger.

CUOMO: Well, you need a two-thirds vote in the Congress and three-quarters of the state legislatures.

LEMON: The may be able to do that.

We all heard what you said, Don. The odd thing is that it's okay. You work for CNN. We get that you folks probably get anti-Trump meltdown bonuses. It's in keeping to who your employer is and the people they cater to on a daily basis: the unhinged.  Yet, as we laugh about stuff, you know what’s really going to be funny? Seeing Don Lemon’s reaction to when we fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat with a conservative Catholic justice. And Democrats can’t stop it. 


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