Why CNN’s Tense Interview with GOP Senator over Trump’s COVID Remarks Is Just Soaked in Hypocrisy

Posted: Sep 11, 2020 11:45 AM
Why CNN’s Tense Interview with GOP Senator over Trump’s COVID Remarks Is Just Soaked in Hypocrisy

Source: AP Photo/Ron Harris

We have the receipts, you clowns. I mean, seriously, CNN must really think we’re all a bunch of idiots. On Wednesday, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) had a tense interview with CNN’s Pamela Brown about the revelation that President Trump knew the coronavirus was deadly in recorded interviews with Bob Woodward. Yet, this was back in February. Why did this drop now? I think you can guess why. Second, President Trump shut down travel from China in late January, a decision that’s not a small one. Also, shows the severity of the situation. And last, if Trump had raised the alarm bells which the liberal media thinks he should have—do we really think the coverage would have been positive? No. It would be unhinged. It would be 'Trump is using a virus to enact a fascist takeover.' 

That’s what would have been blasted all over the news. And panic would have ensued. Grocery stores were wiped out as folks took precautions on their own. You all remember the great toilet paper runs of early 2020? Can you imagine the total panic that would've ensued if Trump had acted the way liberal media had wanted him to regarding COVID? The supply chains for everything would have collapsed, which would have given the liberal media another avenue to attack Trump.

The president knows his enemy, but first, let’s delve into this interview. Kennedy noted rightly that he’s not interested in this gotcha journalism by Woodward, but CNN host Pamela Brown decided to pull on the emotional strings saying this issue is about…life and death (via the Hill):

CNN’s Pamela Brown on Wednesday got into a heated exchange with Republican Sen. John Kennedy (La.) after he deflected questions about President Trump saying he downplayed the COVID-19 pandemic's severity in an interview with journalist Bob Woodward. 

“Senator, President Trump told Bob Woodward the first week of February that he knew the coronavirus could be spread through the air and that it was more deadly than the flu, but two weeks later he said at a rally that coronavirus was the Democrats' new hoax,” Brown said to Kennedy. “Is that acceptable to you? Is that misleading the public?”

“All I can do is share with you my point of view, Pamela,” Kennedy responded. “These gotcha books don’t really interest me that much—”

“He’s on the record,” Brown replied.

“These gotcha books don’t really interest me that much,” Kennedy continued. “There will be a new one out tomorrow.”


“Well, No. 1, Pamela, I’m not going to repeat what I just said,” Kennedy responded. “But all I can tell you is what my personal experience has been. No. 2, let me say a word about this infatuation in Washington with who said what to whom. I learned pretty quickly up here—”

“No, senator. I’m sorry, I’m not going to let you do this,” Brown interrupted. “I understand there's so much politics right now. We’re two months away from an election, but this is life and death.

Oh my god, is she serious with that line? The gaslighting on this has been nothing short of shameless. It’s like these guys think we don’t remember what they were saying earlier this year about COVID. I’ll admit that I overreacted in the initial stages of this thing. The Dow Jones was suffering 1,500, 1,800, 2,000-point drops as this viral outbreak spread throughout the country. I supported the temporary lockdowns, so did Trump. But the arbitrary extensions of these procedures instituted by folks like Adolf Whitmer in Michigan, not so much. Then, we had the CDC study on the mortality rate, which showed this virus isn’t more lethal as the flu and that its transmissibility via surfaces was overblown. It was time to reopen the country. Period. The mask protocol remains a fiasco. No one knew anything. And when the Black Lives Matter riots broke out and the experts said nothing about this because racism is just as bad as COVID, all credibility was lost. Lefty activists rioting in the streets is ok because they’re liberal, but the small business owner who wants to reopen is motivated by white nationalism. Yeah, sure.

But besides the medical expert community setting their own credibility ablaze and exposing themselves for being the woke operatives that they are, the media also thought that COVID wasn’t a big deal. It’s why this CNN interview is just fraught with hypocrisy. At the time, it wasn’t about “life and death,” this COVID thing wasn’t going to be a big deal. Get out there and party. It was only when the liberal media knew they can weaponize it to attack Trump, specifically by trashing the markets, which they did, that the virus became a massive existential threat. Sorry, you don’t get to play that game. 

The media is obsessed with who’s wearing a mask or not at Trump rallies but couldn’t care less about social distancing when a bunch of left-wingers decides to loot, vandalize, and commit arson in cities. 

Life and death—like you people were the canaries in the coal mine. You weren’t. You don’t care. You never cared. The only reason why your upset about the COVID death toll is simply grounded in the fact that you wish it were higher. The media wants death. More deaths from COVID means increasing the chances of booting Trump. So, they play this concern troll game regarding rallies and then pivot to play the role of first responder trying to warn the public. Get lost. Get gone. And shut the $%#@ up. We’re done.