Why a Former NYT Reporter Hurled a Vicious and Xenophobic Attack Against Melania Trump

Posted: Aug 25, 2020 11:55 AM
Why a Former NYT Reporter Hurled a Vicious and Xenophobic Attack Against Melania Trump

Source: Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks

First Lady Melania Trump renovated the Rose Garden ahead of the Republican National Convention. It’s a rather innocuous activity, certainly unworthy of the liberal media meltdown that resulted because of it. Oh yeah, people had a total conniption fit, especially over the myth that Melania cut down the beloved little cherry trees. Trump derangement syndrome and historical illiteracy are a toxic combination, folks. T. Becket Adams has more (via Washington Examiner):

First, those were not "cherry trees" in the Rose Garden. They were crabapple trees. Second, they were not "cut down." (The remainder of Walter’s reaction does not dignify a response.) The first lady’s restoration project emphasizes roses, which require at least six to eight hours of direct sunlight. The restoration team, therefore, removed the crabapple trees to keep the roses out of the shade. The trees will be replanted elsewhere on the White House grounds, according to USA Today.


Probably the most annoying response, however, came from presidential historianMichael Beschloss, who tweeted the following

The “before” picture featured in his tweet was taken on April 10, 2008, back when former President George W. Bush was still in office. It is not exactly a “before” picture in a before-and-after snapshot as there is more than a decade between the photo's creation date and the first lady’s restoration project. Beschloss almost certainly knows all of this. He knows what he did. Unsurprisingly, his obviously misleading tweet became so much grist for the “resistance” mill.

“Here is the colorful, happy Rose Garden under Obama,” said author Jennifer Wright, tweeting the exact same photo from the Bush years, “and here is Melania's unveiling of the new garden, entirely devoid of color or joy."

Just in case there is some confusion: tulips obviously are not in bloom right now in Washington, D.C., as it is late August and about a billion degrees. It is unclear whether Wright is aware that tulips do not stay in bloom year-round or that gardens in the later seasons tend to look the way the Rose Garden looks now.

Yet, Kurt Eichenwald, which our friends at Twitchy properly called him Mr. tentacle expert, probably had the worst reaction; it was xenophobic actually. The tweet has been deleted, but the Internet is forever. Pretty much he said how dare Melania tweak the Rose Garden since she hasn’t been an American citizen for that long (via NY Post):

A former senior reporter at the New York Times has come under fire for an ugly attack on Melania Trump — saying he was “furious” that the first lady is a “foreigner” who “had the audacity to wreck the Rose Garden.


“It is a destruction of our history, something no other First Lady would have had the gall to do,” said the now-bestselling author who was twice a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

“This is the first time I have been furious that @FLOTUS is a foreigner. She has no right to wreck our history,” he said.


“I still find it unbelievable that @FLOTUS who has only been a citizen since the middle of GW Bush’s second term had the audacity to wreck the Rose Garden, to pull up history dating back a lifetime,” he wrote

“These trashy, evil, stupid people need to get out of our house. What GALL she has.”

So, only natural-born Americans can do tweaks to the White House? Is that the liberal media line now? Furthermore, a lot of the lefty blue checkmarks were invoking George Washington when it came to them wrongly suggesting that there were ever cherry trees in the Rose Garden. Uh, isn’t Washington a horrible, irredeemable racist who owned slaves? You say Washington statues should be taken down but will gladly reference the tale of him as a young boy chopping down a cherry tree, which again isn’t in the bloody Rose Garden, to take a swipe at Melania. You, people, are clowns. 

Embracing immigration and immigrants is only good if these people vote for the Democrats—that sounds about right with regards to how Democrats and their liberal media allies frame the issue. 

And yes, Mr. Eichenwald, you will be forever remembered in infamy over that bizarre thread about how you looked up Japanese tentacle porn during a family debate about its existence. 

No, I’m not kidding.