Like Clockwork, the Fake News Press Rolls Out a Blatant Lie During the Republican Convention

Posted: Aug 25, 2020 5:05 PM
Like Clockwork, the Fake News Press Rolls Out a Blatant Lie During the Republican Convention

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Trump has secured the delegates required for renomination. This was never in doubt. Remember when some loser anti-Trumpers thought about…challenging the president this year? How long did that last? The Republican National Convention has kicked off. It’s pretty much a virtual affair due to the coronavirus pandemic that was unleashed by China, but the president plans to make an appearance every night. After he secured renomination, Trump addressed supporters at the convention center, he doled out a new chant to irk the liberal media. Of course, the “four more years” chant broke out, though Trump responded by saying to drive the Left really nuts, say “12 more years.” And yes, former President Obama came up in his remarks. After all, it looks pretty clear that the Obama Department of Justice spied on his campaign.

“Spygate” yelled one delegate. “Let’s be nice,” responded Trump. But the liberal media tried to distort this by reporting that the person had called Obama a “monkey.” The audio is quite clear (via Washington Examiner):

Anti-President Trump partisans claimed Monday that an attendee at the Republican National Convention called former President Barack Obama a “monkey.”

No one said any such thing.

Rather, a person shouted the word “spygate,” a reference to the scandal involving the FBI spying on Trump's 2016 campaign, during an address by Trump in North Carolina. Another convention attendee later referred to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as “Sleepy Joe,” drawing laughter from the audience and a lighthearted rebuke from Trump.

The moment occurred as the president riffed on the FBI, the Obama administration, and the 2016 spying scandal, saying, “And that included President Obama—”

It was at that point that a person interrupted him, shouting, “Spygate!” Then another said, “Sleepy Joe!”

“Let’s be nice,” Trump said, chuckling a moment later. “This can only happen in North Carolina.”

I mean, just take a look at how NBC News covered this:

When Trump mentioned former President Barack Obama, an attendee shouted something that sounded to some like the word "monkey" and to others like "spygate."

Yeah, some people said, this, that, or the other in order to keep a shoddy media narrative alive. Again, the audio is clear. And yet, the press wonders why he mock them, hate them, and call them ‘enemies of the people.’ This is why. The liberal media has always been filled with dishonest clowns, but this one is just a pathetic ‘throw this against the wall and see if this sticks’ attempt to smear the GOP, the convention, and Trump as racists. To be honest, folks, maybe this is a sign that the liberal media knows the first night of the RNC was excellent. It resonated. Hence, the meltdown we’re seeing from these guys, calling the first night a dark version of America. Did they even watch the Democrats’ convention, where it was doom and gloom for four days with an overall theme of “I’m pissed and it’s Trump’s fault?” That’s not a winning message. The first night was great and no one called Obama a “monkey.” Nice try, though, you shameless pathetic liars.