It's Kamala Harris? It Really Does Look Like the Biden Camp Might Have Botched Their VP Rollout

Posted: Jul 29, 2020 6:00 AM
It's Kamala Harris? It Really Does Look Like the Biden Camp Might Have Botched Their VP Rollout

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Former Vice President Joe Biden held a brief presser in Wilmington, Delaware where he answered softball questions from the press. No shocker there; the liberal media is going to handle him with kid gloves for the remainder of the election. Joe Biden did have some news to offer, which is that he’s going to announce his VP pick next week. The first week of August has been etched in stone for the announcement and it looks like it might be California Sen. Kamala Harris. 


Yeah, shortly after the presser, Politico appears to have accidentally leaked the big reveal. Of course, they scrubbed it and added an editor’s note, but there’s a quote in the original story. Is it fake? If so, that’s sort of an issue, right? 

The editor’s note doesn’t mention the quote from Biden concerning why he selected Harris. Yes, the piece has undergone plastic surgery, but this is the Internet. Stuff gets archived. And now, the Associated Press captured a picture of Biden’s notes at the presser that mentions Harris on the same say that Politico possibly leaked the former VP’s running mate selection:

Joe Biden was uncharacteristically tight-lipped on Tuesday about the final stretch of his search for a vice president. But the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee seemed prepared to talk about at least one leading contender: California Sen. Kamala Harris.

As he took questions from reporters on Tuesday, Biden held notes that were captured by an Associated Press photographer. Harris’ name was scrawled across the top, followed by five talking points.

“Do not hold grudges.” “Campaigned with me & Jill.” “Talented.” “Great help to campaign.” “Great respect for her.”


Biden’s list, at the least, suggests that he wants to defuse any tensions around his relationship with Harris. As reflected in his notes, Harris has become a reliable surrogate for Biden, appearing with him in online fundraisers amid the unusual social distancing standards forced on the campaign by the COVID-19 pandemic. As recently as last week, Harris headlined her own event for Biden, one focused on the Raleigh area in North Carolina, a battleground state where Harris’ dual appeal to Black voters and college-educated white women could boost Democrats’ prospects.

Biden ultimately did not field a question specifically about Harris. A spokesperson for Harris did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

If this is true, and Harris is picked next week, then talk about a train wreck of an unveiling, huh?

(H/T Jerry Dunleavy)