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AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

There is an underreported impact from keeping kids away from schools, as scores of local districts mull whether to re-open in the fall. Coronavirus is on the mind of everyone, especially parents with children. Will it be sources of super spread? Is it safe? With parents, the one percent doctrine applies to anything regarding their kids’ safety, especially with a pandemic going on. The good news is that it seems that kids don’t get it and don’t spread it. The number of cases regarding children getting this virus is very low. They’re now two percent of all cases in the U.S. The Wall Street Journal editorial board took a blowtorch to the panic porn being peddled by the liberal media over this subject. Just two kids have died from COVID in Chicago. Statistically speaking - and they mentioned this - a child is more likely to be shot and killed than die of this virus. And sadly, that projection has already come true as crime has spiked in major cities. 


“In Sweden, which kept schools open, only 20 children under age 19—0.6% of confirmed cases—have been admitted to the ICU and only one has died,” added the publication. “In Northern France, from February before lockdowns, found that “despite three introductions of the virus into three primary schools, there appears to have been no further transmission of the virus to other pupils or teaching and non-teaching staff of the schools.”

Indeed, NBC News interviewed a few pediatricians who said it was time for kids to back to school, despite the hysteria being doled out daily by news outlets. The University of Vermont also shoved a dagger into the heart of the narrative that kids can become infected, spread, or die from COVID. Now, of course, precautions should be taken, but all the data points to it being safe for children to go back to school. Yet, parents should know about one group that doesn’t want their kids to go back to school, besides the liberal media: child predators. 

Tim Ballard is a former CIA operative and special agent with the Department of Homeland Security who now fights child sex trafficking. He’s the CEO and founder of Operation Underground Railroad, a group of former and current law enforcement officials and former CIA operations who aim to save children from the grips of child sex traffickers. Some headlines were made about Wayfair being a front for such illicit activity. It was a conspiracy theory that’s been debunked, but Ballard noted it doesn’t mean that cases of child abuse have stopped. They’ve increased. Such tin foil hat stuff does muddy the communication waters for folks fighting these odious groups. And this depraved group of people sure want these kids to stay home. 


Ballard told Townhall, “the COVID-19 science is on the side of the kids. They are safe in school. The only dangerous thing for kids at this point is to keep them locked up and at home and thus vulnerable to pedophiles online. Millions of pedophiles want schools to remain in lockdown. Think about that.”

On top of that concern, this 'learn from home' narrative is riddled with accountability issues as well. Who can track learning progress? How many kids have access to the Internet from home? How many kids have a computer at home? In Nashville, 86,000 students will be taking online courses, though only 31 percent have access to a home computer. 

Ballard’s fight against sex trafficking has been documented at PBS, ABC News, and even Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin joined his team fighting trafficking in Haiti. 

Before COVID, he was one of many who noted the benefits of a border wall to combat child trafficking, which was rampant along the border (via Fox News):

The U.S. is one of the highest, if not the highest, consumers of child sex. As such, traffickers know they will become very wealthy by getting their enslaved children into our country. We do these traffickers a great favor by leaving our border virtually wide open.

We should stop seeing the border wall as something that would keep the “bad guys” out – though it would certainly help do that too. We must instead focus on its ability to prevent children from being brought in to become sex slaves. The wall would undoubtedly be a significant barrier to entrance into the black market of child sex trafficking, thus decreasing kidnappers and traffickers’ incentives in the first place.


Alert officers, using their sharp skills and high-tech monitoring equipment, snagged the American trafficker at the Calexico Port of Entry, rescued the boy, and then identified an entire trafficking network, allowing us to rescue many more children.

This is how it’s supposed to work. Roughly 10,000 children are being smuggled into the U.S. every year to be sold as sex slaves – we owe it to them to finish this wall and protect them from the monsters within.

Ballard, like many in this fight, are combating these perverted rings in a multi-front war. Now, one of them appears to be right in the homes of American families. The data says it’s safe to reopen with simple COVID safety measures. It’s one front that could be eliminated in this fight. Will it happen?   


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