Take a Chill Pill: What's Being Buried in the Media Freakout Over New COVID Cases

Posted: Jul 07, 2020 4:20 PM
Take a Chill Pill: What's Being Buried in the Media Freakout Over New COVID Cases

Source: AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Enough already. Does the media truly think that new cases are the equivalent of new deaths from coronavirus? If you watched CNN, that’s what you’d get from its various anchors who’ve been peddling hardcore panic porn for days. It’s all the hardcore action—and it’s nonsense. Well, maybe not nonsense, but it just rehashes how responding to this virus was overblown in the first place. We’ve been hearing about the tens of thousands of new cases, the absolute delight the media has had trashing states like Texas and Florida, whilst ignoring that blue New York is still the mecca for this pathogen, along with the Big Apple descending into a crime-ridden hell hole. The media has yet to aggressively push Gov. Andrew Cuomo as to why he signed off on an order that killed thousands of people regarding nursing homes being forced to accept COVID-positive patients. This virus is lethal to the vulnerable and nursing homes are where they reside. Forty-three percent of all deaths from this virus could be traced to nursing homes. 

There was a 23 percent drop in COVID deaths from last week. Overall, there’s been a 92 percent drop in COVID deaths from those peak April numbers (via Clay Travis):

On July 4th 254 people died of the coronavirus nationwide. That number went even lower on Sunday because today, on July 5th just 209 people died nationwide of the coronavirus. These 254 deaths on Saturday and 209 deaths on Sunday represent a remarkable death rate decline of 92.4% from the peak daily death total of 2,749 set on April 21st. Saturday and Sunday were also the two lowest days for number of deaths in the country from the coronavirus since March 23rd. (Yes, it’s a holiday weekend, but the overall trend lines have been straightforward for months, deaths decline on Saturday, Sunday and Monday every weekend, so there’s nothing that abnormal about these numbers. Deaths generally peak every Tuesday so if you enjoy reading fear porn, there will likely be a series of fear porn laden articles come Tuesday and Wednesday when deaths climb back up after a weekend decline).

As if that were not enough, yesterday also marked the tenth straight week of declining deaths from the coronavirus in this country, we have gone from 14,813 deaths in the week of April 20-26, an average of 2116 a day to 3611, an average of just 516 a day from June 28th to July 4th. That’s a decline of 76% in the death rate over the past ten weeks.

While I’d prefer no one ever died at all — no one hates death more than me, I wish we were all immortal — at 516 deaths a day we’re talking about roughly 7000 people dying every day in this country of something other than the coronavirus. That is, over the past week coronavirus deaths represented roughly 6% of all deaths in this country. Meaning 94% of all people in this country are dying of something other than the coronavirus.


Put simply, 7500 people die in the United States every day, 2.8 million every year. Even assuming the coronavirus death tallies in this country are accurate, which they clearly are not, right now the coronavirus would represent around 4.6% of all deaths in this country in a year. Again, no one hates death more than me, but can you really justify shutting down the entire country for something that increases the national mortality rate by under 5% in a year?

Indeed. It’s also quite clear that the death rates will never reach what we’ve seen along the Acela Corridor. It’s part of that media bias that many have documented, especially former CNN producer and media executive Steve Krakauer (via Fourth Watch) [emphasis mine]:

While cases in states like Florida, Arizona, Texas and others have been rising, hospitalizations have only slightly risen in most of these states, and deaths, a lagging indicator, but an indicator that should be seeing a correlation after two weeks of cases rising, is not rising at all. So far. It's worth keeping an eye on it.

But you get absurd hypocrisy like Newsweek'sattempt to place blame in some directions and not others for the rise in cases. And you get segments like the return of the Cuomo Bros Show this week, with Chris interviewing Andrew again. It was over-the-top and antithetical to journalism, again. Glenn Greenwald called it "one of the most embarrassing and self-destructive things I've seen a news outlet do. I doubt even North Korean State TV would allow an anchor to 'interview' his own brother and use their airwaves to declare him a Great and Noble Leader."

CNN's media crew likes to claim Hannity's interviews with President Trump are "propaganda." This treatment took "propaganda" to a new level. Particularly when you put the scope of disaster that Gov. Cuomo oversaw - closing the state later than others like California, refusing to even clean the subways until May, the nursing home catastrophe. But also, just the pure, tragic per capita numbers.

The problems in New York are, thankfully, heading in the right direction. But you watch the media coverage of COVID-19 and you'd think coronavirus is gone from New York. It's not. Most days, more people are still dying in New York from COVID-19 than in Texas and Florida.

The Acela Media has lost perspective on this story, and the disinformation is hurting viewers, who desperately need unbiased coverage.

Also, hospitalization rates are around where they were in March and April. The liberal media needs to take a chill pill. They won’t, but here’s your daily reminder. You shoved this propaganda down people’s throats for weeks only to flip-flop after the officer-involved fatality of George Floyd occurred in Minneapolis on May 25, which allowed you to go off on another pet project of the Left: racism and identity politics. The liberal media’s COVID panic evaporated overnight, with daily segments about how these protests represent some moral urgency. 

'Stay inside' quickly morphed into 'get outside or you’re racist.' Now, with the economy roaring back and the unrest subsiding, they’re telling us to get back inside. Well, when a narrative blows up in your face, people don’t listen, and they shouldn’t. The lockdowns are over. Even with the new cases, over half the country is still in the process of re-opening or has reopened.

Given what the media has been peddling, along with their equally ‘woke’ medical expert guests, their standard concerning reopening would never be allowed us to go outside ever again because of the risk of death. Sorry, that’s not going to happen. 

In the meantime, the Left continues to peddle contradictory narratives.