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There's an Interesting Twist Concerning the St. Louis Couple Who Defended Their Home from Lefty Trespassers

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

You could almost hear the narrative being crafted in liberal newsrooms. The white couple who scared off lefty trespassers in St. Louis was about to be poster kids for every garbage ‘woke’ narrative under the sun. These clowns forced their way onto these people’s property. They were trespassing. That’s illegal—a key aspect of this story. The property belonged to Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who came out armed with firearms to deter these lefty agitators from the premises. Mark was sporting an AR-15 rifle, which surely triggered liberal America. This was a case of self-defense. To make things more interesting, the McCloskey’s are actually supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. This lefty mob was marching on the house of Mayor Lyda Krewson, a Democrat after she released the names and addresses of locals who are for defunding the police department:

The memes from this incident have been nothing short of epic, but you cannot blame the McCloskeys and they’re not going to be the only ones who react this way when left-wing goons trespass onto people’s property. For weeks, we’ve had a left-wing mob loot, vandalize, and assault police in cities across the country in the wake of the officer-involved fatality of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25. New York City was mayhem. Minneapolis all but burned to the ground. The scariest aspect is that the police seemed powerless to contain the riots. Even in Minneapolis, a National Guard presence did little to bring law and order to the situation. With these hooligans running wild, it’s absolutely within the right of law-abiding citizenry to protect their lives, their homes, and their property from these thugs. Charges against Mr. McCloskey are not expected. 

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